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Aug 18, 2010 07:03 AM

need recs for downtown...but willing to take public trans

Will be staying downtown (CNN Center). Need some relatively cheap (<$20) but can't miss options. Fried chicken, grits, traditional Southern food preferred. Even snack food suggestions are welcome. (I'm from Chicago. We have Garrett's popcorn.) Not gonna do boiled peanuts, though. Would prefer to keep it within walking distance (2 mi) but am willing to take public transportation.

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  1. If you are gonna be in that area, you really have to go to The Varsity. Just be sure to have your order ready BEFORE they call on you. It's nothing fancy, but it is an Atlanta institution. My grandmother (in her 80s) used to go there to hang out in her younger days when she would go downtown.

    It's a fast food style joint, but the hot dogs and experience are just things you can't get anywhere else.

    1. Busy Bee Cafe - 1 mile

      Busy Bee Cafe
      810 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30314