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Aug 29, 2005 01:09 PM


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Much talk on barbeque this past weekend. Former S.F. hound here. What are the 5 best "sit down" barbeques in the entire L.A. area. I know that Phillip's, Woodys, J&J and the like are great but we're looking for joints that have great music, possibly a bar, comfortable seating and a good barbeque vibe. We'll travel anywhere in the area, beach to the mountains.
Any ideas???

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  1. Well, that's a good interesting one...and a tough one to answer.

    I'll give you my top 2...I've been to probably 30 or 40 in the LA area but 2 stand out to me

    1. Tulsa Rib COmpany - Orange - simply the tastiest "BBQ" meal I've had in SoCal. The baby back ribs and Tulsa potatoes will prboably be my last meal if I ever leave SoCal.

    2. Buckboard BBQ Grill - Upland - this is Santa Maria-style BBQ done right...still the best tri-tip I've ever had, and that includes up in Santa Maria!

    I'll be looking forward to other rplies here...there's a LOT of places I hope to try out.

    1. While I've been to at least 5 BBQ places in LA/OC, not many have been sit-down places, and some were not good enough to recommend to others.

      Best BBQ I've had recently has been at Joey's BBQ, at their Pomona location. Absolutely best beef ribs I've had in a long time, high meat-to-bone ratio, and even every item on the appetizer combo platter tasted good. Usually, one or two items on an appetizer platter are just average, but here, every item was quite tasty.

      There are two other Joey's BBQ locations, one in Upland, the other in Chino.

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        I would suggest to the OP that BBQ and great music usually don't travel together. However, I will second the recco for Joey's, not been to the Pomona location, but at the mother-ship in Chino, on a spring or summer evening you can enjoy live cowboy music in Joey's "backyard". And I agree with Wonginator, Joey's has about the best beef ribs in these parts, and I like their brisket too.

        1. re: ChinoWayne

          It's interesting to see a 2-year old thread resurrected, but talking about BBQ never gets old. Since my post back then, I've visited almost every BBQ place in OC, with only 3 places that I haven't tried yet. I've probably tried about 10 different places in LA, but there are at least another 40-50 restaurants that I haven't been to yet.

          Joey's BBQ still stands at the top of my list for best BBQ. Tulsa Rib is still my favorite for OC locations, #2 on my list overall.

          Based off the numerous posts about Porky's, I'm pretty eager to try it. There seem to be 2 different websites, though, touting 2 different locations for the new location opening. Anyone know which one is correct or more accurate?

          new location in Sept 2007 at 1314 Rosecrans Blvd, Gardena

          new location at the end of the year at 937 Redondo Ave, Long Beach

          Both websites list the Manchester Blvd location in Inglewood as the current location.

          1. re: Wonginator

            Yeah, even when the apocalypse comes, people will still be extolling their favorite 'Q and pizza joints.

            1. re: Wonginator

              Regarding Porky's BBQ.

              I believe the Gardena address listed above is the catering location.

              The Restaurant location is,

              Porky's Barbecue
              Restaurant Telephone-310-671-2900
              801 E. Manchester Blvd.
              Inglewood, CA 90301

     is the correct location for now.

        2. That's pretty difficult if you exclude the take-out only places but here's my list of favorites.
          Robin's BBQ in Pasadena
          Baby Blues BBQ in West Los Angeles
          Lucille's BBQ in Long Beach
          Ribs USA in Burbank
          Rib Ticklers in Agoura

          1. Yeah, that's a difficult one to answer since I haven't been to too many sit down joints. But don't forget Tasty-Q on Crenshaw is a sit down joint. I'm not sure if BBQ vibe is what I would describe it. They play gospel music out the window on Sundays and one time I went they let us watch the 'Simpsons' on the TV while we ate our ribs. They do remain one of my favorite places for slabs of pork spareribs.

            1. #1:Johnny Reb's in Long Beach, Bellflower, and Orange.
              Runner ups:
              JR's BBQ on La Cienega at Venice Blvd.
              Baby Blue's on Lincoln in Venice

              second tier: (good tri-tip places)
              Rosie's in SFV
              My Brother's BBQ in Woodland Hills
              The Pig on LaBrea at Melrose (shredded tri-tip)
              Outdoor Cafe on Washington in Culver City
              Santa Maria BBQ company in Culver city

              I have never tried Robin's
              I don't much like Zeke's, JJ's, Andre's, Bennys or Dr. Hoggly's.

              I think the best of LA's BBQ joints are not sit down:
              Phillips, The Pit, Prayer Church, Woody's, etc.