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Aug 18, 2010 01:21 AM

The Narrow- Limehouse, London - Ramsay pub


Thinking about checking out the Gordon Ramsay pub The Narrow down in Limehouse. Anyone been? Did a quick search which didn't turn up much.

We're in the East End so it's not far.


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  1. Had the Sunday roast there which was decent enough, though fairly pricey. When I lived in the area I normally went to The Grapes down the road. Not outstanding bar food, but a much more fun pub. :-)

    1. I went to the Narrow recently and the food was amazing! Was lucky enough to be there on one of their comedy nights! Alot of fun.

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        I'd definitely second the grapes over the Narrow. The Narrow used to be a brilliant pub pre-Ramsay but it now just feels like a restaurant with a bar and he got caught bussing in pre-prepared food there.