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Wedding Venues in Northern NJ or Rockland county with great food

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some Ideas for wedding venues in Northern NJ or Rockland County, NY. So far I keep getting recommendations for the Brownstone based on food quality but I was not impressed with the facility itself.

room for 250 people
REALLY good food
Would love to keep it around 130pp with everything included (this is why I am still considering the brownstone) but it's ok if the avg. price is higher.
It doesn't have to be a typical "hall" I'm open to unique locations as well.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I just went to a wedding at Florentine Gardens in River Vale this summer. The grounds are beautiful and the food was very good. I have a feeling ithey charge over $130/person but it might be worth checking out. Also in the area is Seasons which I also believe has a good reputation.

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      Hi everyone,
      I am so new to all of this wedding planning!! I just recently got engaged on June 30th yayyyy =) and i am trying to find a beautiful venue in new jersey.

      I recently looked at the Venetian, Nanina's in the Park, and the Manor.

      I wasn't crazyyy over the Venetian like i expected to be, Nanina's in the Park was beautiful but they gave me a price of $150 pp not including tax and service charge. The Manor had beautiful grounds but i disliked the ballroom.

      Does anyone know how much it is pp at Florentine Gardens, I heard its gorgeous.

      Thanks everyone for your help.

      Florentine Gardens
      100 Plaza Dr Fl 1-1, Secaucus, NJ 07094

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        Congrats! I booked my November 2011 reception at Seasons. I think it's beautiful and elegant, plus they were willing to accomodate a 1-6 pm reception, whereas the Venetian said they have a strict 12-5 pm policy due to evening events (so I didn't even see the Venetian). I didn't taste the food at Seasons but I've heard a lot of good things about it, plus there's a lot of good reviews online. I also looked at Biagio's based on a recommendation, and I wasn't impressed with either the food or the smaller banquet room they showed us. Good luck on your search!

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          hi cookingcutie! was wondering what seasons had quoted you for Nov 2011? I assume it's off season for them? I inquired about 4/7/2012 (Holy season) and was quoted 110+++ which would be about 140 pp with all upgrades (Vinesse and lobster extravegenza). tnx

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            Hi Sadsam,

            The pricing sounds about right. My wedding is off -season, and it's also in the afternoon, and I'm having under 100 people, so they're giving me the small wedding package. It's $85 pp for cocktail hour with martini bar and hot/cold displays, and reception, cake, and open bar. I didn't add any extras, so for you to get extras for $110 pp and up is accurate for a place like that. I was surprised I was able to get a price like that because a lot of other higher end places charge more. Let me know if you decide to have it there! I can't wait for mine.

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              Hi Cookingcutie - He offered me the upstairs room as well but doesnt the cocktail room look a bit small? i wonder how he's fitting 150 ppl in thre. Plus, he told us that every guest will have a seat at cocktail.

              Did he charge you for kids? i told him that of all the catering places i've seen, kids under 6 were free bc they are really not going to eat anything or much to be worth 1/2 price. he wasnt really budging much except that he said i shouldnt put the kids under 2 on the seating chart. but i still need a spot on the table for them even if they dont eat....so i dont know what he means and how much flexibility is there.

              Also, he's charging me 500 dollars for a ceremony which most places are waiving that because it is a holy saturday.

              i am contemplating on Seasons and Atrium in West Orange. Atrium gave me a comparable price BUT their cocktail is not as eleborate as the Seasons. thanks

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                Hi, I didn't see the upstairs room. My guest list is around 80-85 people, so he showed us the downstairs which is plenty of room. I'm being charged for 75 adults minimum (obviously if I have more, they'll charge) but they have to charge for 75 adults regardless because that's their minimum. After that is met, kids 12 and under are half price if they occupy a seat (and vendors are half price after that too). So, people with 2 and 3 year olds are going to have a high chair :) I know what you mean about kids of a certain age, but he told me if they occupy a seat, they count, so even if really little ones are coming, they're getting a high chair because I'm not paying like $50 for them to take 3 bites of food. Also, I don't believe there will be a lot of tables and chairs during my cocktail hour. I know we get the whole downstairs which is a big room and then the hallway by the fireplace outside of the reception room. I know there will be some tables, but I'm not sure how many. I'll find out when I go in September to set my menu.

                I'm having my ceremony at a church, so I can't help you with the cost for that. I know most places do charge a ceremony fee which varies. They have to set up and dismantle the chairs and stuff, etc so I guess they count the effort for that.

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                  this is very helpful. thanks so much for bouncing ideas around. I appreciate it! hmmm...so i guess i can request for high chairs for the kids then. thats would be a work around. wow! you have a pretty sweet deal. i didnt even see downstairs because it's already booked for that day but i know downstiars is a lot bigger than upstairs. Plus, you have access to the garden/ waterfall! sweet deal!

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                    Ahh, I assumed the upstairs is bigger/grander lol. Yeah, I live in Westchester and a lot of nicer places around here are $120+ pp, which I think is nuts honestly. I want a nice wedding but I don't want to start married life in debt!

      1. have been to 2 weddings this summer and at both the food was extraordinary. stony hill inn in hackensack and the rockleigh country club in rockleigh.

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          I'd recommend the Rockleigh County Club as well. I had my wedding there a good number of years back and guests to this day remark that it was the best they had ever attended. Good Luck.

        2. Thanks everyone- I will pass these along to my brother. I will also add rockland cc to the list on your recs although I have been there in the past and have been underwhelmed by the food.

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            food - Just so you know, the Rockleigh County Club and the Rockland Country Club are two different places.

          2. Yes I meant to say Rockleigh :) Thanks.

            Has anyone been to heard of il Tulipano?

            Tulipano Restaurant
            1131 State Highway 23 N, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

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              I went to a Wedding at IL Tulipano earlier this year and it was wonderful. Good Food, Great service and beautiful setting.
              I also suggest looking at the Graycliff in Moonachie (near Giant's Stadium) depending on date and food package they can fall into your price range.
              i don't belive Rockleigh CC is going to be less than $130 pp. I hear it is much higher than that.

              Tulipano Restaurant
              1131 State Highway 23 N, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

            2. The Old Tappan Manor (formerly Colonial Manor) has just undergone a major reconstruction/renovation. Might be worth checking out.

              1. I had my daughter's Bat Mitzvah at The Knoll Country Club (west) 2 years ago and they did a fabulous job!

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                  I second the recommendation for the Knoll Country Club! We had our wedding there 4 years ago and were sooo happy with the food, venue and service. They have 2 rooms (East and West) with very different styles to choose from, but they are not even in the same building, so you won't be running into guests from another party. Their prices were within your range 4 years ago, and for the amount of food and options that they offer, it's well worth it.

                2. Attended a wedding at the Florentine Gardens and at Nanina's in the Park , just last year. Comments from someone high in the food industry rated Nanina's far better than Florentine gardens for both food AND service. F Gardens is pretty, especially for an outside wedding, but food was just so so and service was terrible.

                  1. Well, you certainly need a stadium-size place for that number of folks!

                    But, really, wedding venues providing the food will invariably deliver the dreaded "wedding food" in various forms ranging from poor to mediocre. For a truly memorable food event, secure the venue (or back yard) and then hire an independent caterer that is a bit avant-garde. I've been to a couple of events catered independently recently, and the food was unlike any other weddings I've ever been to. The talk for the week after the events was all about the food!

                    Here's the names of the 2 caterers involved, but I'm sure there are others that do not normally work with traditional wedding "halls"



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                      I hope that catering thru "Kevin's Thyme" is a more enjoyable experience than dining at his restaurant in Ho-ho-kus.....I dined there twice and he just can't seem to pull things together there, plus the food was disappointing as well. Maybe his emphasis is more on his catering business which you seemed to enjoy very much. Nanina's in the Park is one traditional "wedding hall" that doesn't drop the ball on food...absolute perfection.

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                        @ Maryanne The " White Glove " service is impeccable.

                    2. Well Everyone thanks for the input! The wedding is going to be at the Venetian as they gave a fantastic deal! I hope the food is as good as I've heard!

                      1. How was your wedding reception, if I may ask? I too am looking in Rockland/Northern NJ and am considering both Season's and the Venetian. Please let me know!


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                          I've been to many affairs at both Seasons and the Venetian. They do great reception hours and Viennese Tables. Both are better when dinner is served, rather than having buffets.

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                            Check out Harvest in Closter, if you want guests not to think "Wedding Food" . Things you don't see at typical weddings, and a gorgeous venue as well.

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                              It was my brother's wedding and the food was AWESOME although the cocktail hour food was better than dinner!!! The venetian was very attentive to every detail and even let guests etc take home uneaten desserts. My brother lucked out with an open date so they really got a good deal... the amount of food was ridiculous

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                                I had my reception at Seasons in November and it was fantastic. The cocktail hour was amazing, and I didn't get to try everything since I was in the bridal suite. The attendant was fantastic and brought us a lot of food to try, and we were stuffed. The dinner was fantastic as well. Our guests couldn't believe how much food there was and how good everything tasted. I'm a bit of a food snob and have been to parties where the food is mass produced and terrible. It's not true of Seasons.

                              2. I recently went to a wedding at the Hermitage in Hohokus. It was extraordinary. Totally unique, and the food was about 10 levels above all the mediocre "wedding food" that is seen at 99% of the wedding venues.

                                I lol-ed at a poster here that mentioned that the hors d'oeuvres were better than the main meal! This did not happen at this event. I inquired because of the superior quality of the food, and it was done by Take Away Gourmet Caterers of Waldwick.

                                If you want edible food that your guests won't come away thinking "wedding food" and having a non-ordinary wedding experience, this is one way to go! Stay away from wedding halls and their mediocre in-house caterers!

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                                  I recently went to a Wedding at Perona Farms in Sparta. They had an excellent "Jersey Fresh" hors d'oeuvres table featuring corn, peaches, tomatos, local cheeses and scallops. The rest of the food was excellent as well. Worth checking out: http://www.peronafarms.com/

                                  Perona Farms
                                  350 Andover Sparta Rd, Andover, NJ 07821