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Aug 17, 2010 09:27 PM

Lunch near CSUN

Going to be at CSUN later this week. Looking at a close by place for lunch, please give me your opinions of:

Pita Pockets heard their laffa is great.

Northridge Fish and Chips-

FYI: While I love both Brent's and Cupid's, not enough time to get to Brents and I want something different than chili dogs.

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  1. How about King's Burger? Just north of Pita Pockets on Reseda.

    Read more here:

    King's Burgers
    9345 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA 91324

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      King's makes a good pastrami sandwich (the kind on a roll, not a Langer's style sandwich). but i just wish they had better french fries. the fries are awful, and i am pretty lenient when it comes to what makes an acceptable fry.

    2. Priyani. It's a ghastly hole in the wall with absolutely stunning Sri Lankan food. Don't order from the menu; just ask the so-kind proprietors what's ready. Your palate will thank you.

      1. If you want something nice and cold for dessert, try Get Shaved for Hawaiian style shave ice, the finest and most authentic in LA. They are the same company that has the food truck. If you get ice cream, they use Fosselman's. That macadamia nut is good. Get Shaved measures up to the better places on Oahu.

        1. Of the two i have only eaten at Pita Pockets and without a doubt i can tell you the laffa is amazing. I usually get the lemon chicken laffa, its a well marinated chicken breast with a really nice lemon sauce. The laffas are made fresh per order. GO THERE

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          1. re: vissai

            Awesome, I heard the samething about the laffa.

          2. Pita Pockets is very good, concur about the laffa (their hummus and falafel are good too )

            Falafel Palace (next door to Get Shaved! Hawaiian Ice) is also a good option, good falafel and eggplant.

            Another option might be Emle's ( - cafe-style restaurant with American and Middle Eastern cuisine (per website)

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            1. re: Pumpkin_Head

              I absolutely love this place. The owner is always there to be sure everything is 100%.


              PS I just edited this post not having seen the previous one by Pumpkin Head. I didnt mean to step on your toes.