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Aug 17, 2010 08:37 PM

CUT v. Animal - Goodbye / Birthday Dinner

Please, I need help! My boyfriend is moving out of CA and this will be his last hurrah meal in addition to his birthday. He's always been a foodie and I wanted to take him somewhere impressive and nice for his last "signature" meal. I'm right now trying to decide between either CUT or Animal. So I wanted to get the opinion of the fooding experts here on Chowhound on which restaurant they feel would make for an "unforgettable" experience. Also, any idea on whether either restaurant does anything nice for somebody's birthday if I mention it to the wait staff?

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  1. food wise, both places offer great dishes. CUT's atmosphere would be more ideal for celebration. It's at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Keep in mind Animal only offers beer and wine. I would go with CUT and order the sliders, bone marrow flan, at least one wagyu steak to split among the group, short ribs and duck are also excellent, side of corn, and save room for dessert. If you choose Animal be sure to order the poutine, pork belly sliders and the foie gras maple biscuit. Dare I ask, if your boyfriend is a foodie, why he hasn't been to either : )

    1. Great point he should get both out of the way before leaving. I would say Cut but a landslide.. but it also depends where he's moving. if by chance he's going to some steak lover's paradise like TX or KC, then maybe Animal would be something he can remember LA by. Cut does have dishes that are unique but their steaks are the main event and you can get comparable in many cities. Animal is very LA-ish.

      1. Cut is very forgettable. Their steaks are unremarkable considering the exorbitant hotel food prices

        1. I definitely would not call CUT forgettable. I remember it as the best steak dinner I've ever had. And I've had more than a couple (hundred). That said, the price is nothing to sneeze at. And Animal is probably a somewhat more adventurous/rewarding "foodie" destination. Either is a great choice. But I'd give my vote to Animal.

          1. Thanks for everybody's input, I really appreciate it! In the end, I decided I'm going to make reservations at CUT. I was looking at reviews of CUT and when I saw the marbling on the steaks, I was buttah in their hands (no pun intended).