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Aug 17, 2010 08:29 PM

Who has the best chicken salad in Big D

I LOVE chicken salad but only if it's great. The best I have had in Dallas is at SMOKE. Is there any better chicken salad or chicken salad sanadwich in Dallas?

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  1. Zoes Kitchen, it's a little casual place I guess it's a chain now I didn't know until I googled it for you. I like going to the one in snyder plaza.

    1. Zoes is good, Kel's chicken salad sandwich brings back memories if your childhood.

      1. Empire Bakery is really good.

        1. I have always liked the chicken salad at Kathleen's Sky Diner on W. Lovers.

          1. i like west end pubs...but when i get it its usually 1am after a night of drinking so not sure how spot on my opinion would be.