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Aug 17, 2010 08:08 PM

DC in need of some LV advice, re: 3sq Restaurant Week

I'll be coming to Las Vegas in early September, and I have been planning a few nice dinners. I just learned that it is "Restaurant Week." http://www.threesquare.org/events/eve...

In DC, I dread Restaurant Week because the food, service, and overall experience are markedly different than going during a normal week. Is this the same in Las Vegas? What should I expect when a restaurant serves $100 of food for $50?

Any insights would be great -especially if you know of any restaurants that stay true to their core during RW.

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  1. In my experience over the last two years(approximately 9 dinners, 5 lunches) during RW, the food and service are as good as any other time. The impression I've received following numerous conversations with proprietors/chefs/staff is that this week is a big deal for everyone(at least here). First, as you've seen, the week benefits(on varying donation levels depending on the restaurant) three square - the sheer volume of quality participating restaurants is impressive and speaks to this. Next, most places treat this as, for lack of a better term, a sneak preview of the place. Personally, I always try to fit in a few places that I've never gone before and, at the reduced prices, lets me get off on the cheap if its no good. Some places are really solid value(L'At comes to mind).

    To your question about $100 of food for 50 bucks, this really isn't the case IMO. For the exception of Raos last year(obscene amount of food for the price), every place adjusts the menu accordingly. Instead of filet-skirt, instead of big eye-rainbow trout, and so on. While it is a cheaper menu in terms of ingredient cost, the preparation and service are usually top draw.

    In summary, I think most places stay "true to their core." I might suggest looking through three squares restaurant list/menus to find something that interests you. Again, there are very few places that do not participate(if price allows). It is a really fun week of eating/drinking, and for a great cause. If you are still concerned, obviously, you may still order off the menu proper should you prefer.

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      Thanks for the info. Good to hear that most restaurants stay true to their core.

      "...every place adjusts the menu accordingly. Instead of filet-skirt, instead of big eye-rainbow trout, and so on."

      Unfortunately, that's the type of thing I'm afraid of. When I want fillet, I want fillet and not skirt steak. At least it sounds like the regular menu will still be available.

      I didn't mean to go too far to the "dark side" when I heard about RW in Las Vegas. In DC, sometimes places ONLY serve their RW menu. Other times, restaurants have items that overlap, and an order from the regular menu confuses the kitchen and you get the RW portion and preparation for twice the price. Even further, some restaurants decide to "experiment" and have RW offerings that have no chance of making it to the regular menu. The reality is that servers can also be disgruntled with a busier schedule, non-regulars, and half the tips that they are use to. Of course, there are plenty of restaurants that really shine during RW in DC; I'm just always a bit skeptical.

    2. A lot of the Restaurant Week menus look like what the places have been serving all along on their pre-theater menus. I guess the main difference being they're available all night rather than before 6:30.

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