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Aug 17, 2010 07:31 PM

Angelo's Hot Table - Yonge & Harbour

Tried a new (new to me) place today that was interesting. A little hole in the wall at the corner of Yonge and Harbour that seems like a "genuine" Italian sandwich shop. I was on my way to the Subway (sandwiches - not TTC) and tripped over it.

Had their meatball sandwich and it was (I thought) excellent. Fresh bun, nice meat and sauce. Lots of red peppers, fired onions and giant mushrooms and a nice mozzarella to top it off. And it was big. I had the small and was groaning as I finished it. I felt embarrassingly gluttonous eating this in public.

I think the experience was best summed up by a passerby, however. As I sat at the outdoor table, holding up this football - wondering where to bite first - some guy walking by actually yelled out, "Now THAT'S a sandwich! Good grief...!!" How right he was.

No doubt there will be lots of people ultimately weighing in that they've had better or it's not as good as Nona's, but if you work at 10 Bay, the Toronto Star building or are staying at the Westin Harborcastle stroll up a block and give it a try.

But bring a clean shirt to change into afterward...

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  1. Really?? Had to buy my lunch one day, passed by this place thinking I'd rather go here than go to Subway with my coworkers. I didn't have the meatball sandwich, but the veal was the worst veal sandwich I've ever had in my life.

    It actually looked like the woman at the counter was filling my bun, but when it came to eating it, sparse amounts of overcooked/dry and flavourless veal. The toppings were ok, but the veal was just so awful, and most of my bites were pure bread.

    1. Any relation to the place of the same name on Bermondsey?

      1. Checked this place out on Monday night . The owners were over the top friendly and gave me samples of everything. The veal is a bit different than I expected . They told me it is baked, not deep fried so not really crispy but still good. Meat lasagna was out of this world. My favorite new hole in the wall.

        1. I finally checked this place out last week (I work in the LCBO building across the parking lot) and I looooved it. Might go back today. I ordered the lasagna (after tasting free samples of everything on the menu) and they gave me enough of the stuff to feed FOUR me-sized people. I managed to eat half of it and ate the rest for lunch the next day. Two lunches for the price of one!

          I think I might try the chicken parm today...

          1. Hey all
            This may be a 'strange' question.......but is it a SIT DOWN place.......or is it a Pick-up and go place
            Tables or stand-up?


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              From what I remember it's mostly a take-out place, but there may have been a couple of stools in the window...