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Aug 17, 2010 07:15 PM

Are the Chowhounds sleeping-re Milan restaurant

Haven't heard any comments, reviews, etc. regarding this restaurant. It appears to be worthy of mention. Is it flying under the radar?

It seems that there are only a few select trendy restaurants that garner comment from the Chowhounders. It's getting to be boring. There are so many places of interest beyond Wooberry Kitchen, Salt, etc.

No one seems to be interested in the old standby's--i.e, Tio Pepe's, Manor Tavern, Linwood's., etc. The restaurants that have stood the test of time versus the newcomers who may or may not survive in the next few years. FoiGras

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  1. Probably not been mentioned much because it's not a chow-worthy kind of place. Baltimore chowhounds are very good at sniffing out the good (and new) chow in and around Baltimore. (Which also explains why Tio Pepe doesn't get much interest on this board either.) Milan is a trendy Little Italy lounge-scene, with a "dress code at the door," bouncer, and overpriced "Italian sushi."

    FoiGras, I hope if you go you will report back for the rest of us.

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      crackers- after reading your comments, doubt that I will go to Milan. I usually defer to the opinions of most of the Chowhounds. Too many places that are worthwhile will get my business. Don't have the financial wherewithal that I used to have to waste on mediocre restaurant experiences. FoiGRas