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Aug 17, 2010 04:31 PM

Anniversary - December in Las Vegas - Steak Restaurant on Strip

Our anniversary is December 15 and we always go to Vegas since we were married there. Our challenge each year is to find a good restaurant since many are dark. We can't change the date, does anyone have any good ideas? We are in our 50's and expect good service along with quality food -- someone recommended N9NE, but seems trendy and is out of the way. Any thoughts on SW? We tried Strip Steak and really enjoyed. Anything new at City Center worth trying. We have some time, but I would love some feedback!

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  1. I loved Jean george steakhouse in Aria. It's my second favorite with cut being my first.

    1. I vote Cut. Best steak and sides in Vegas IMO.

      1. We always stay at the Wynn and love Alex..only heard great things about SW steakhouse.

        I'm a huge fan of Jean George and we enjoy his J&G steakhouse at the Phoenician but have never been to the one in Vegas.
        SDGourmand has exquisite taste and knows his stuff!

        Happy anniversary and I'm thinking of doing a Vegas run the second week of December's quiet and great room prices along with restaurants that aren't so that!

        1. In your 50's and celebrating an anniversary…hmmmm, 1st off congrats! Several places are top notch (many already mentioned) but I think Prime screams out as an obvious choice. After all it is a JG restaurant. It has withstood the test of time. The service is top notch. The food is excellent. The interior and exterior are hard to beat and the quiet yet beautiful room is as good as it gets. Charlie Palmer's place at the Four Seasons is also very nice, just a shade behind prime. I have yet to try the new JG in Aria so I can't comment on that. IMHO, places like CUT, Strip Steak are a bit too sterile and loud for a couple celebrating an anniversary. SW is over hyped and too inconsistent for me (been 3 times), although many others love it.

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            Thanks! We ate at Prime about 8 years ago, and it was a poor experience . . . sat us by kitchen, but we are always willing to try again! I agree on Strip Steak, very sterile, but the food is good. We love the Four Seasons, so maybe Charlie Palmer's -- have only eaten there on business. David was pondering SW, so that is apparently not the best idea!

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              Many people like SW. And truth be told, my experiences there were not horrible. I tend to be very critical of steakhouses and have a very low tolerance for poor execution. Which is my biggest complaint about SW. It's a very nice setting and very lively but I think that its size actually hinders its ability to be consistent. And as expensive as SW is, performance should always be spot on. I also think that the service tends to be on the snooty side. Not rough just a bit of an attitude.

          2. My vote is for CUT at the Palazzo. Great food and attentive service. I'm looking forward to a return visit next spring (I'm in my 50s too).