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Aug 17, 2010 03:19 PM


The threads I found on this subject are a lttle dated, so forgive me if this sounds too familiar. I'm in town for a week by myself, staying at the Loden. I don't know the city at all, and frankly am a little uncomfortable eating alone. But I don't want to let that stop me from enjoying a few great meals in Vancouver. I love to walk, and want to know if there are recs for nice places not too far away where I can enjoy a great dining experience. I don't mind sitting at a bar, and I'm an omnivore. Love raw bars, locally sourced/farm to table, and ethnic food of all stripes. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I travel in my job so eat alone on a regular basis. The best advice I have for you is to forget that you are by yourself.
    Pick a restraurant that you want to try and go there.
    All of the restaurants discussed here will treat a solo diner just fine.
    If you are ever given crappy table just speak up and ask for something else.
    There are lots of good recommendations on the board for downtown, Gastown, Yaletown and West End restaurants- all areas within walking distance from the Loden.
    I live in the West End and we walk to all these areas.

    You can even walk to English Bay and take a little ferry to Granville Island.

    1. I eat alone all over the world, when travelling for work or pleasure (often my wife is working and I'm tagging along) and there is no need to feel uncomfortable. I usually have a book for company! Best solo experiences in Vancouver have probably been Market, Chamber, Tojos, Fuel (original incarnation), db Bistro, followed closely by West and Bluewater and Cibo (though the latter was a bit dark for reading). Not sure where Loden is, but if you want to go somewhere not in walking distance, what i usually do is get a bus to close to the restaurant, walk a bit, then often walk after dinner until I come across a bus or taxi to get me back to hotel.

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        Second on Chambar (downtown in Gastown), Fuel (outside of downtown) and Bluewater (Downtown in Yaletown area). They all have nice bar areas where you can eat quite comfortably. Bluewater has a great sushi bar. Rodney's which is located in Yaletown as well would be good for oysters.

        You could also do an izakaya crawl (Japanese small plates), it's loud, energetic, messy fun. I remember sitting at the counter bar at Hapa and was quite comfortable just sitting there and nibbling my way through various small plates. And they are all located within walking distance of the Loden (located downtown).

        Market (I've never eaten at) is located practically around the corner at the Shangri La Hotel.

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          Fuel is now refuel but still has a bar at the front of the resto...

      2. Tojo is one of the best Japanese cuisine in Canada, and I always sit at the sushi counter, either when by myself or with other friends.
        If you're by yourself, get to know Tojo-san or your neighbours. They are either having a new experience or regulars. But all have a great time