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Aug 17, 2010 02:47 PM

Best food at Bed & Breakfast inns along Maine coast

Looking for a good B&B (bed & breakfast) inn along the Maine coast that serves a really traditional, hearty, outstanding breakfast. My target area is the Mid-Maine coast (Rockland/Camden/Belfast), but anywhere from Brunswick up to the Down East region would be fine.

I've heard great things about the Wealthy Poor House in Belfast, but unfortunately they're all booked up during the weekend I'll be in the area. Anything similar to that?

I'd also be interested in hearing about non-B&B standalone restaurants in Mid-Maine that serve really great breakfasts - places that are worth going out of one's way.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Whitehall Inn in Camden serves one of the best breakfasts in town.

    Penobscot Bay Inn in Belfast serves breakfast off their restaurant menu, included in the price of the room.

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      Thanks for the recommendations - I'll look into both of the places you mentioned.

      BTW, I've heard mixed reviews of Penobscot Bay Inn's food, but only for the dinner menu. I'm assuming that their breakfasts are much more consistently good-to-very good (that's the only meal I'd be eating there if I were to book one of their rooms)?

    2. I manage a shop in downtown Rockland, so have multiple occasions to talk with customers about their B&B experiences: I hear rave reviews about Rockland's Berry Manor Inn on Talbot Street. I have stayed there many times, too, before moving to the midcoast and I can certainly vouch for the hearty, to say the least, breakfasts.

      1. Hartstone Inn in Camden. This is a B&B with legit foodie chops. Time your stay right and you could even attend a one day cooking class with Chef Salmon. I stayed here a few times before taking the plunge and moving up here permanently.

        1. And if you're in the Camden/Rockland area, I personally think the best breakfast spot is Home Kitchen Cafe in Rockland. Fantastic food. Many great options, but if you like corn beef hash, this the the place to get it.

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