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Aug 17, 2010 02:18 PM

2 nights in rockland; suzuki's or conte's?

hello i'm trying to decide which place to eat dinner at tuesday. i wish i could eat at both on the same night (i guess this is feasible), but seems silly. ive eaten at suzuki's, but never conte's, and am dying to try the food there because i just love the ambience. i think my friend would really dig it too. are the portions so big there that 2 people can eat 1 entree? and what's the best spot for a good lobster roll in the area? man i can't wait...thanks for the 411!

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  1. Talk about opposite ends of the seafood spectrum! You do know that Conte's has moved from it's, ahem, charming spot to a more mundane space on South Main street? I haven't been in the new location, but I doubt it has the same ambience. I can appreciate the allure of Conte's, but if we're just talking food...I'd take Suzuki's any day. Portions are pretty could split...if you aren't too incredibly hungry. If you're looking for something new, surely there are other spots you haven't tried?
    As for lobster rolls, you sometimes find gems in the most unexpected places. Had one a few weeks about at Waterworks Pub. Huge. Tasty. Cheap.

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      ohhh that's too bad conte's moved! what's in their old space, or is it just empty? ok then, well i guess suzuki's it will be; and i shall keep waterworks in mind; i once had a very tasty burger there a couple years ago...thanks for the scoop mcm!

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        The old Conte's building is owned by the same guy that opened a restaurant out on the pier (The Pearl). I think he might just be using it for storage.

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          You can still go to Conte's. It's just down the street a bit but no longer on the water. Hadn't eaten at the new place but drove by and looks as charming as ever.