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Aug 17, 2010 02:11 PM

best breakfast in north conway on a sunday? & north conway to portland, ME; what's good?

hello, my friend and i are driving from NH to portland, ME this coming sunday, and i have no idea about anything in the area. i love quirky, off-the-beaten path types of places, and i love local anything. an ice cream spot, or pub would probably be sufficient (i doubt we'll be very hungry). we plan on either staying in portland sunday night or hopefully finding a good camping spot by the water; i hope we can find one! thanks for any info

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  1. HI,
    We were just there last week and I have to say that Peaches is the place to go for breakfast in North Conway. They are open every morning at 7 and only serve breakfast and lunch. The stuffed French toast with, what else, peaches is fabulous and the banana coconut pancakes are delicious.I also liked the crepes stuffed with apples and walnuts. we went 3 mornings in a row so I had time to try a few things. They can be quite busy but the service is generally fast and we never waited more than 10 minutes for a table. I

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      My wife and I have been weekending for years in North Conway and I have always been underwhelmed by Peaches. The Stairway Cafe is small but very good, especially if you like a "crunchier" atmosphere. Last time we visited we found Priscilla's and had a great breakfast. The staff is so over the top friendly my kids thought they were eating at Grandma's house. My wife's breakfast sandwich was excellent. I had the asparagus melt and it was one of the best breakfasts I have ever eaten (that I didn't cook myself.)

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        thanks for the heads up moira and pbanjo; i will check to see if they have menus online. i'm sure there's a lot to choose from, and last time i was up there we didn't eat any meals out. any good friday night dinner recs, not too expensive, maybe like a pub w/ some good local beers and grub? thanks!

    2. Very helpful- was wondering about both Peaches and Priscilla's for a pre-hike breakfast this weekend...but I'm doing the reverse trip- Portland to North Conway....

      As far as quirk places for easy eats? In Portland: Silly's on Washington Ave, Beal's for ice cream in the Old Port or Bonobo in the West End for pizza...more pub? Can't miss Novare Res on Exchange St. with it 's extensive beer list and great location(outside seating)...and it's right around the corner from Beal's should you decide to go for the liquid/frozen confection style dinner...enjoy!

      Old Port Cafe
      111 Main St, Winterport, ME 04496

      1. What route are you taking from North Conway to Portland?

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          Is there any other way than 302 and 16?

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            id imagine there's a # of roads to take; but 302 seems the most direct

        2. We go from Portland to N. Conway at least 2-3 times a year and 302 both ways is the best. In N. Conway, we recently ate at Priscilla's and it was delicious and very friendly service. I give it the nod over Stairway because the later is not cheap.

          In Portland, the front room has a great brunch everyday from 8:30 am. We also like the Good Egg which is the breakfast name for the Pepperclub - same location