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Aug 17, 2010 02:03 PM

renssellaer-albany amtrak station

i am taking amtrak and am arriving here at 8:15pm. will get picked up and am looking for a place to eat near here or on the way to saratoga. i am familiar with the saratoga area, any place around here? all foods eaten. high end or low end. alcohol a plus. thanks.

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  1. This thread should get your started (search is your friend):

    There's also Dale Miller (bar or formal dining room) open until 10 PM Mon.-Sat., closed Sundays. New World Bistro Bar is open until 9:30 PM Sun.-Th. and until 11 PM on Fri. and Sat. Not sure how late Yono's is open. Like Dale Miller, Yono's has a casual bar area and formal dining room.

    I can't wait to try Mr. Pio Pio on Lark Street:

    1. Every single restaurant from Albany to Saratoga Springs is between the train station and Saratoga Springs; downtown Albany (Jack's, Angelo's, Cafe Madison, Justin's) is five minutes from the station, Saratoga, where restaurants typically serve pretty late (you don't say which night of the week, though) is forty-five minutes. Book a table someplace from the train, or before your trip, and you'll be fine. If you can specify a type of cuisine and a price range, we could be more helpful, but your trip between the train station and your destination takes you through this entire region.

      Cafe Madison
      1108 Madison Ave # 1, Albany, NY