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Aug 17, 2010 01:55 PM

Birthday Dinner at Tilth

Hello! I will be celebrating my 24th birthday next Tuesday at the Tilth restaurant in Seattle. I have never been, but after seeing the owner/chef Maria Hines on Iron Chef and reading about Tilth in the Seattle Met Magazine, I am excited! I have never been to a restaurant of this price-point and I want to make sure that I am not disappointed (though I highly doubt that will happen here) with my order.

Here are some of the menu items I am considering:

Hors d 'Oeuvre (date, blue cheese, almond)
Carrot-ginger soup (carrot-ginger chutney, chives, garlic)
Chilled Heirloom Tomato Soup (basil, heirloom tomatoes)
Pete Knutson's Wild Salmon (tomato water, currant tomato, romano bean)
Pan Seared Alaskan Halibut (artichoke barigoule, picholine olive, fregola)
Farro Risotto (basil pistou, mornay sauce, spinach)
Cheese Tasting (1, 3, or 5 cheeses with accompaniments)
Theo Chocolate Ganache Cake (chocolate cookie, cocoa cream, sea salt)

This question is for those who have eaten at Tilth: What do you recommend from the above choices?What items are "must-haves" and what won't be worth the money?

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  1. The menu at Tilth changes with the seasons so what is on the menu now I have not tried. I highly recommend getting your server involved with your decisions. I had a fabulous server there and she staged the entire meal so that the dishes that made sense together came together.

    When I went we had a fabulous cassoulet that had smoked beans. We wanted to know how the beans were smoked so we emailed and Maria Hines herself responded with the technique. She reads all the comment cards herself every day, so if you feel so inclined fill out the comment card at the end of the meal.

    Happy Birthday I envy the fabulous meal you will be having at Tilth.

    1. do you know for sure that this will be the menu on the day of your dinner? I would not get too wedded to any particular dish. It is so personal as to what someone will prefer on a menu like TIlth,where I think everything will be good.

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        According to the website, these items are all on the August menu. You are very correct that personal preference is tremendously diverse, but sometimes there are dishes that foodies in general find exceptional or worthwhile--that's what I am looking for :)


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          I would tell your server exactly what you told “us”. Tell them what you are thinking and then let them guide you. Maria Hines hires a VERY professional wait staff. IMHO a good server can make even mediocre food seem great. Luckily they make great food so the servers help make every meal memorable.

          Luckily I have yet to have anything disappointing at Tilth (not that it can’t happen) relax and enjoy the meal that will guarantee more than anything else that you have a great dining experience.

          1. re: Charles

            My birthday dinner at Tilth was impeccable! You can really taste the freshness and purity of the local and organic ingredients Chef Hines uses to create her masterpieces.

            I began dinner with a cheese course, Mopsy's Best from the Blacksheep Creamery with balsamic reduction and a strawberry rhubarb sauce. It was a sharp, nutty cheese served at perfect room temperature.

            Then, I progressed to the Chilled Billy's Gardens Tomato Soup with basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, and mini grilled cheese garnishes. The presentation was stunning (they pour the soup over the garnishes from a little pitcher at your table) and the flavor was pure tomato spiked with garlic and mellowed with creaminess.

            I chose the Pete Knutson's Sockeye salmon for my entree, served over a bed of romano bean, tomato water, and currant tomato. The salmon was by far the best I have ever had; it was cooked perfectly and simply to allow its freshness to shine through.

            For dessert, I went with the Theo Chocolate Ganache Cake with a chocolate cookie, cocoa cream, and sea salt. The server, Emily, was fantastic and she put a candle on my cake without even being asked! It was very rich and decadent, but the cream really balanced it out.

            Dinner at Tilth is a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to anyone who appreciates the sincere, simple beauty of fresh food!

            1411 N. 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

            1. re: SharpCheese

              awesome review - great pics too!! I'm visiting next week and will be going to dinner there. What did your companions have? any comments/recs from them?

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                Hi chowmac--you are in for a treat, that's for sure! Oddly enough, both my mom and sister ended up getting the salmon. My brother in law, however, got the Eel River Ranch Sirloin and said it was the best he's ever had. It was served over cheesy grits with a chow chow relish.

                If they still have the chilled tomato soup on the menu, I would say it is an absolute must!

                They change the menu every month supposedly, so you might get a totally different September offering than I had in August. Please let me know what you end up getting!

              2. re: SharpCheese

                Sounds great - makes me want to go. But it always seems so odd to start off with a cheese course. Wonder why so many restaurants now seem to consider cheese an appetizer, not something that comes just before dessert?

                1. re: Jeffo405

                  Jeffo405, you absolutely should go! Tilth does put the cheese courses on their dessert menu, but it is mentioned at the bottom of the dinner menu as well. I personally think a course between dinner and dessert is strange, as having a starter and main course should leave you relatively full enough already! I guess it's just personal preference :)