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Barneys Beanery---What To Order?

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Barneys Beanery on Santa Monica Blvd was a legendary old place and I don't read or hear much about it anymore (which makes me think that their food isn't that good). But I plan on eating there soon and can use some advice because their website menu is huge. Has anyone been there recently, and can you give me some recommendations as to what to order? Thanks in advance!

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  1. A beer- no food. You're welcome.

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      I second this rec and would order Guiness beer it is quite filling.

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        Forget the beer, too. They NEVER clean out the lines at the bar (the lines from the keg to the tap). The beer tastes really off. If you order a beer, get a botle...

        In fact, better just go somewhere else.

      2. Keep it simple. A chili size or a burger with chili and a brew. Here's a link to the history of Barney's.

        Link: http://www.qsbilliards.com/barneysbea...

        1. I go to Barneys Beanery in Santa Monica, every sunday for football season and my main focus on food is bear....if you must eat for breakfast the only thing i will touch there is the belgian waffle and for lunch or dinner i keep it simple with fries, chicken strips , quesadillas-wont touch the burger with fatburger down the street...

          1. Isn't it scary to see how many things they have on their menu. How can they possibly keep all of those fresh ingredients/food in the kitchen. well, they can't. The food is terrible. If you must, stick to the chili, burgers or the giant dog. That seems to be what people usually eat there.

            Link: http://www.dailynosh.com

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              Fresh? That's easy....nearly everything (chili included) comes from a can.

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                >>>How can they possibly keep all of those fresh ingredients/food in the kitchen.

                Well,to be fair, I looked the menu over and it looks to be just endless combinations of the same basic ingredients.

              2. I hate this place...the clientele is not the greatest, the service is bad, and its very dreary inside.

                I've had the steak (not good), california chopped salad (not good), the burgers (forget how it was), and some of their assorted fried items. I'd stick to the fried foods there probably....

                1. Terrible. I ordered a club sandwich and it was unedible. Never again.

                  1. Beer.


                    Fries if you must eat food.

                    1. I went to Barney's this week to celebrate a friend's birthday and read this post before heading over... Thank goodness I did because it seriously tempered expectations as we ordered pretty much everything under the sun...

                      * Nachos (No meat) - The chips were thin palid sysco chips and the cheese was sprinkled industrial, the type that as soon as it comes out of the brioler turns into greasy plastic! :P The 'sides' are blah pico de gallo, and equally industrial sour cream and guac.

                      * 'Veggie' Platter - Meaning breaded Mushrooms, Zuchiini and Moz sticks... Again, strictly industrial frozen stuff, the breaded kind, not batter. The Marinana sauce they serve is also horribly insipid.

                      * Margharita Pizza - I think this was the worst thing we ordered. The pizza had this mealy texture... EW... I dunno where it came from, the cheese, the crust... Ugh...

                      * Chili Fries - I ordered this in hope that their chili was at least decent. Well it wasn't. It as this grainy 'meatish' (Think Chef Boyardee) flavored thing. The fries however were REALLY good. Thick cut, perfectly crisp, pillowy inside and lightly spiced. The post above was right, the Fries, WITH NOTHING on them, are winners.

                      * Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger - I was absolutely dumb struck when the waitress asked me how I'd like it done. I told her as rare as you can... and when it came and I sliced it open, it was perfectly pink inside the VERY thin patty. There were plenty of mushrooms with good flavor to mix with the cheese and the bacon was thick with a nice crisp edge to flavor the meat. It was also HUGE. After sampling the horrid apps and pizza, I was so glad to have this as my booze sponge of choice.

                      Their beers are decent selection with Chamay White on tap. YUM!! I wouldn't come back on my own design, but if you are dragged to a celebration there, again the fries and that bacon burger are your best bets...


                      1. I actually like the spicy-black bean burger.

                        I actually don't have nearly the problem others do with the place, though I don't consider it a chowhound place.

                        It's a bar. You drink. They have lots of beers on the menu.

                        Their Jim Beam and Soda tastes like Jim Beam and soda.

                        As for the vibe, it's a pool hall. The waitresses have always been really cool.

                        And the homophobia thing is leftover from a few owners ago (he had matchbooks with No Fags Allowed on them). The new owners have worked hard to be good and welcoming neighbors in West Hollywood.

                        But BB is a bar. Dommy found some good things and other than the black bean burger I've had good breakfast there and decent chili and burgers and whatever. They have like 1,000 menu items. There must be something to eat there between shooting pool and playing pinball.

                        1. I know this is an old post but I find it humorous that people are bashing Barney's as bad as they...it's obviously not white table cloth...it's NO tablecloth...you're not going there for the food (yes, they have over 1000 items, and I'd wager 950 of them come from a can, a bag, or a freezed box), but you're going there for the wide selection of beers and the fun of being with a group.

                          Dommy and Paul, you're both RIGHT...take out of Barney's what you expect and you won't be disappointed...good beer, good friends, cheap food that has a couple of hits like their fries and occasional chili burgers/dogs.

                          Yes, the service isn't the best, but the girls are all very nice industry types. They have awesome crowds for Karaoke on Wed. and Sunday and get great crowds for football games and March Madness.

                          Anyone who goes there expecting a culinary experience is setting themselves up for disaster.

                          Oh and on a quasi-political note, I have a ton of gay friends and Barney's is smack in the middle of boys-town West Hollywood...if it was anti gay, it's certainly more accepting now...Is it the Abbey, well no...but it's not East Germany either.

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                            I agree...this place is not a chowhound place by any means. I've been coming here on average once a month for the last 3 years, and as a bar with food, the place is great. As a restaurant with a bar, it sucks. Hell, on occasion it's even rated a B!

                            But that aside, it's a great bar with hundreds of food items (good or bad) to order, and almost 200 beer choices. You come for the drinks, people, atmosphere, and sports games.

                            If a clean bar with polished Pergo floors is your cup off tea, don't even consider this place. But if you want a dive bar with overflowing pitchers of beer, a place that's hard to get a table at, or if you want to watch your favorite sports team, then head over there.

                            Actually, I'm heading over there myself in about an hour for some college football. And I'll be having a late breakfast, so I'm fairly sure they can make some decent eggs and bacon.

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                              The B rating means nothing. I've worked in the restaurant business in this town for five years.

                              I've been in restaurants that got B's for the most ridiculous reasons.

                              But the food at Barney's is definitely nothing to get excited about.

                          2. I still have a few books of Barney's matches from back in the early '80s. Amazing what they could say/get away with back then.

                            Haven't been back in many a moon, but they used to be one of the few places that carried Dortmunder Ritter Brau (in bottles). If they still do, that's a great reason to drop by.

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                              Oh, and they also used to have a Missile Command machine.

                              (God I suddenly feel so old.)

                            2. Burgers and Onion Rings. Big and Good.

                              1. The last time I was there and sat at the bar, it smelled like vomit. Bartenders dump leftover drinks, water, booze whatever onto the rubber mats that they walk on and it's just gross. I didn't want to eat a thing. They're known for their burgers as others have posted here. I'd take my drink and sit outside. They did carry 42 Below Vodka and made a killer martini (dumping the sprayed vermouth out of the glass onto the floor). Sorry for obsessing about this, but their bartending habits are just gross.

                                1. I've not had bad service there ever. I like their salads, they are huge and not ever noticed things not being fresh.