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Aug 17, 2010 01:37 PM

Brunch in Tulsa

I have a new favorite place for brunch in Tulsa. It is the Bluestone Steakhouse at 101st and Sheridan in south Tulsa. The food is worth the drive from midtown, trust me. We arrived at 11am as we weren't sure of how busy they would be. The churches had not let out yet so it was pretty quiet which was fine. Even though this gem of a place was located in a strip center, it was comfortable and cozy, the blinds on the windows helped disappear the rest of the shopping center.

The food was excellent, I ordered the classic Eggs Benedict and they were almost perfect and my dining partner ordered the special of the day, a crab meat filled omelet. The benedict was perfectly done, the eggs were nice and runny and not overpoached like I have expereinced a lot of in Tulsa. The hollandaise sauce was the real deal, nice and buttery eggy with just a bare hint of a hot sauce. The real star was the crab filled omelet, a nice balance of herbs to go with the crab meat. They were both served with house potatoes that had been cooked with peppers and onions.

In all a very nice experience that I want to repeat. I also want to check out their dinner menu. It reads very well. And if the quality of the food is like brunch it will be my new steak place.

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  1. I've been to Bluestone's it is less than a mile from my house. I won't go again - they dont really know what they are doing (and you'd think steak was hard to screw up). If you want a nice lunch in South Tulsa I'd suggest Michaels on the River (Michael Fusco moved there after he closed Flavors). It's on Riverside between 96th and 101st Streets on the West side in the shopping center with Red Robin. I go there with my family about once a week - I almost always have the liver and bacon - which is awesome - for about $10. They have the usual surf and turf stuff too plus a bunch of other things - and they dont screw things up.