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Aug 17, 2010 11:20 AM

Chicken of the Sea Crab Meat

My local Fresh & Easy started carrying Chicken of the Sea crab meat. Claw meat is $3.99 a container and the lump is $7.99.
I'm thinking lump is preferable given the price.
Has anyone used these products? Is it worth it?
Would it make good crabcakes?
Other recipe suggestions?

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  1. Those are great prices, for both types. I like the Chicken of the Sea crab meat. I've used both. The flavor is really good, almost as good as fresh picked crabmeat. The lump is good for crabcakes, but the claw meat is just as good for crabcakes. Choice is up to you. I get the claw meat type regularly, so I'm pretty sure in the quality of the meat. Lucky you, I pay double the price for either types.

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      thanks Nani!
      I couldn't believe $3.99 for the claw ( I think the tub is 7 oz) but didn't want to buy without a recco. I think I will go pick some up.

      1. re: mollygirl

        Crabcakes? probably not. You could make a hot crab dip though, mix in cream cheese, chives, mayo, a little cayenne, breadcrumbs on top if that floats your boat and serve with mini-toast.

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          LOL I can just hear Gordon saying...... It's CAWNED you donkey!

          1. re: janetms383

            Heh. I hear that voice every time I open a can too. Eff you Gordon. I live on top of a mountain, land locked. At least I don't use Krab.

    2. Our Trader Joe's carries CotS crabmeat (1 lb can of claw meat for $8.50). I've used it in crabcakes, crab salad rolls, hot crab dip, and Korean seafood pancake. Yum!

      1. I have been using CotS crab meat forever, I thought they were OK, plus I didn't really have too many choices. Product of India, Thailand, Vietnam, I've tried them all, taste more or less to me.

        For one time I've seen Jonah crab meat from Maine at my local supermarket, 6oz for $5.99. The expiration date was like 1.5 weeks away. I wasn't sure if it has been sitting on the shelf forever or it really is fresh and free of / contains less preservative (I decided to believe in my latter theory). It didn't have any distinction between claw and lump either.

        I decided to give it a try. Usually when I open a can of crab meat, I always drain off the liquid. That ME crab meat did not give out any liquid. The meat was broken down quite fine. I could find only a few chunks here and there. It felt fresh on my hands when I was shaping the crab cakes. It tasted fresher and sweeter too. However, I almost never had to pick shells from CotS crab meat, but we could feel a few bits of shells in the ME version.

        I only managed to get ME crab meat that one time. If I have a choice between ME and CotS, ME wins. I notice that you're at the West Coast. Maybe it's worth hunting down for some fresh local crab meat?

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          I definitely go for the fresh dungeness all the time, but it can be expensive, plus, when you get them at the Asian markets, you have to go early in the day/weekend to ensure supply. However, sometimes on a weeknight, some crab meat on a salad or in a taco would be nice and the tubs at F&E would make it super easy too.