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Aug 17, 2010 10:56 AM

Baltimore Restaurant Week

I don't typically like restaurant week since the menu is truncated, and the food preparation can sometimes be lazy. But, I do plan on one restaurant this Thursday. Where have folks gone or are planning on going. Has anyone done Diablita yet? Or anywhere in Canton. I'd like the drive from Federal Hill Locust Point to be easy - i.e, not through the city. But we will go through the tunnel to that first exit which is convenient to restaurants like Blue Hill Tavern.

I did Bluegrass Tavern, and continue to be slightly unimpressed with their food - although the service is great. We went to Pazo Luna which is we are loyal to and the food is always good, I think. Maybe Blue Agave, or maybe Corks, but I think it would be fun to try a restaurant that we have not been to and is easy to get to. I did make a reservation for Aldo, but then cancelled it based on all the sour reviews.

Any favorites out there so far this week?

Pazo Restaurant
1425 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Blue Hill Tavern
938 S Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD 21087

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  1. I wanted to try Saute and Jacks Bistro in Canton. I have heard great things about the chocolate mac & cheese at Jacks. I tried Saute the other night, but did not order off of the RW menu. The Duck nachos and Bistro fillet were both very good. I have reservations at B&O Brasserie for this Friday. I will check back with my review.

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      Thanks for responding. I'm going to try to get reservations for Saute, but don't feel hopeful. I have tried the chocolate mac and cheese at Jacks, and have to say, it wasn't for me! I'm looking forward to trying out the B and O Brasserie, but decided I''d like to wait until after restaurant week for that. Thanks! look forward to your review.

      1. re: nyawira

        No problem, let us know if you decide to try any new places out and please write a review.

        1. re: nyawira

          B&Os RW menu looks pretty good, actually. The pork belly is a must try.

          I was seriously impressed with our dinner there. One of the best meals in a while.

          1. re: JonParker

            Yes, the B & O menu looks inventive, and has much more choice than most RW menus. Unfortunately they were all booked between 5 and 9 PM, so we are going to Alizee tonight.

      2. myawira--you and other Chowhonders are quite adventuresome based on making reservations at restaurants during "The Week." Enjoy your endeavors. but with-hold your observations and opinions upon a return visit after the frenzy of the
        Restaurant Week.

        I will not reveal the name of the particular restaurant that my husband and I dined out on this past Saturday night--one of our favorites and the best in the city of Baltimore. We did, indeed, have a lovely dinner, but the portions that were offered on the Restaurant Week Menu were a bit smaller then usual (no real problem for us as we try to eat lighter portions) My usual a la carte specialty was honored, so I was a happy diner.

        I just feel that Restaurant
        Week is a nice promotional opportunity offered during the down-time of the late summer months, but not usually worth the hype and food/portions offered at many of the establishments. BUT---I do believe it is a viable way to entice diners to try restaurants that they may not he ordinarily inclined to do so based on economic reasons. Therefore, they may give the restaurant a once try, and then return based on the sample of their experience during Restaurant week. FoiGras


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          Smart restaurateurs realize that RW is a time to gain new customers for the future, and are prepared for a lower profit margin at a slack time. Unfortunately many others just use cheap ingredients and shortcuts (Bistro filet, anyone?) and turn off those new folks.

          Alizee is in the first group: Arugula, cherry and goat cheese salad, big chunk of pork belly with fresh, not frozen peas, and a selection of three good cheeses with a berry coulis would normally cost much more than $35.10. Cheers

          1. re: FoiGras

            I hear ya, FOiGras and agree. I thought it might be an opportunity to try a restaurant I wouldn't typically go to on non restaurant week, so thought I'd ask for suggestions. As it turns out, I came down with a horrible flu type illness and ended up in bed the whole week. Sigh...

            1. re: nyawira

              Oh dear "nyawira"--sorry to hear about your illness. But, if you read "Chowtimore's" comments, there are quite a number of restaurants that are going to extend their $35.99 dinner opportunity until the first part of September.

              Do truly hope you are feeling better and will be up and about to Chowdown!!! Best regards, FoiGras

          2. I agree RW is a promotional gimmick and generally not that great of a deal. Mezze and Adela seem like they might be good choices as you're getting about a dozen small plates for $35, which isn't bad.

            1606 Thames St., Baltimore, MD 21231

            1. I agree that restaurant week in Baltimore isn't much of an event for diners. I haven't been since they raised the prices $5 last year. The restaurants that need the business typically aren't set up to handle it. And most aren't even a deal. However, some places extend it through the end of the month.

              For example, The Prime Rib has the deal though Sept 5. If you do get a reservation there during Restaurant Week, you can wait an hour after your reservation time to be seated. But go next week and you'll be seated immediately and don't have to sit in a packed dining room. It's much more pleasant.

              The website lists all the places that are extending it - some other notables: Adela, Aldo's, Alizee, Kali's Court, Louisiana, Meli, Mezze, Black Olive.

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              1. re: Chowtimore

                Yeah, we just booked Prime Rib. Positive experience from last year's restaurant week, so we figured we'd try it again. I wonder if they'll have their usual 1/2-priced Sunday wine deal with the reduced-price menu..

                Prime Rib
                2020 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006