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Aug 17, 2010 10:48 AM

Best tasting protein powder?

I'm looking to add some (preferably whey) protein powder to my morning fruit smoothies, but have found in the past that I absolutely loathe the taste of the few I've tried (very chalky, artificial tasting, etc.) and figured that it would be best to consult some other foodies on the topic. Any suggestions?

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  1. Jay Robb's Unflavored Whey. No flavor, no fake sugars or added sugar, not chalky. I can't tell that I've added it except for the fact it makes the smoothie a little thicker.

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      1. I like Optimum Nutrition's Double Rich Chocolate, their website has sample packs available so you can try single servings of about twenty different flavors.

        1. I like Designer Protein unflavored original.

          1. I *love* Tera's Whey. "...ethically sourced from small, family farms, artisanal cheesemakers, fair trade suppliers." They are organic/hormone-free. A plethora of flavors. Choose from cow, goat or sheep whey. Hands down the winner over any other powders I've tried. Whole Foods has them (12-serving canisters and 1-serving packs) as well as online shops. Read more about Tera's Whey here:

            1. Syntrax Nectar's Caribbean Cooler (like a Pina Colada flavor, but not too strong). Good mixed with other fruity things like a watermelon-flavored protein powder.

              Phenom Labs Wicked Whey Chocolate or Vanilla. Absolutely delicious!!

              Beyond Nutrition All in 1 Whey in Vanilla Caramel (protein/carb combo and it's also delicious!