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Aug 17, 2010 10:37 AM

Help fill in the blanks - Paris dining itinerary

So after reading this board for the past several months and doing some personal research/reading I think I have narrowed down the places I would like to try on my trip to Paris this fall with my husband. Since my husband hasn’t been I wanted to try and eat at a few classically French places like a brasserie and a bistro.

While I have put down some of the sightseeing we would like to do each day the actual days we go is flexible (hopefully it isn’t too ambitious!)

I have also spent so much time on dinner restaurants I have failed to look into places for lunch. I am also trying to find a place where we could have a nice leisurely lunch on a terrace or overlooking a garden. If the budget allows I would love to go to Ledoyen – but if that doesn’t happen can anyone recommend a leisurely lunch place with a terrace or garden atmosphere that would be around the 30-40E pp price?

Here are my ideas so far….

Tuesday Day 1 (late arrival into Paris from Normandy – we are staying on Quai St. Michel in the 5th)
Dinner: Brasserie Balzar

Wednesday Day 2
(Sightseeing - Notre Dame, Jardin de Luxembourg, Rue Muffetard, Il-Saint-Louis)
Lunch: ?
Dinner: ?

Thursday Day 3 – Anniversary Day
(Sightseeing – Eiffel Tower & Champs Elysee, Place de Vosages)
Lunch: ?
Dinner: Le Petrelle

Friday Day 4
(Sightseeing – Louvre & Area)
Lunch: ?
Dinner: ?

Here are the other few places on my list that might find a spot in our itinerary:
Chez Josephine – definitely want to eat here – would this be better for lunch or dinner?
Robert et Louise – my husband wants to try this place but I am not 100% sure. I think we are turned off by the fact that they sometimes have communal seating which we aren’t really into.
L’As du Falafel – quick lunch to go one day
Le Garde Robe - wine bar for charcuterie

Since we would have already spent 6 days in Normandy I think we will be full up on seafood - so don't really need any seafood restaurants. I am still looking for a restaurant that serves frois gras cooked
whole and not terrine or pate style. I have searched the board but nothing is jumping out. I am not a big fan of it so only a place that would have it for one.

Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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  1. Here is a fairly recent and detailed review that might satisfy your husband's foie gras request:

    For the past five or six years we have made the incredible foie gras main course at Bistro de Paris our traditional first night's dinner every trip to Paris. It came recommended by a Parisian hotelier friend and we have since suggested it to many friends, all of whom have become fans of their foie gras. The plate is comprised of several very large portions of beautifully sauteed fresh foie gras lovingly placed on top of decadent pommes puree and topped with a rich port/truffle sauce. If you truly love foie gras and cannot usually get enough of the stuff, this is the meal for you. Bistrot de Paris may sound like a tourist restaurant, but it is in fact very much a local's spot. Reservations are almost always needed. While I always have the foie gras, they also serve an excellent calve's liver plate as well. Bistrot de Paris is in the 7th at 33 rue lille.

    By dflack on Aug 20, 2009 04:16PM

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    1. re: mangeur

      Thanks so much mangeur - I think I have heard of it. I will check it out!

    2. For Day 2 Lunch I would call for reservations at Mon Vieil Ami on Ile St. Louis. It's one of my wife's favorite places.

      For Day 3 Lunch I would see about window side reservations at Le Jules Verne. YOU MUST HAVE INTERNET RESERVATIONS TO GET IN THE DOOR! it's expensive and I'd eat light, given your dinner plans. However, the experience is something you'll remember forever.

      For Day For Day Four Lunch I would go and stand in line no later than 11:30AM (no reservations) at le Comptoir du Relais. It's worth it!

      For dinners, if Frenchie's isn't available, I would make reservations at a place John Talbott thinks is up and coming.

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      1. re: hychka

        Thanks Hychka,

        Thos are some great suggestions. I am going to check them out a bit further. I have heard of all of them so will dig a bit further for price, food, ambiance etc.


      2. We love Brasserie Balzar, as much for it's upbeat atmosphere as for the traditional dishes. The frites are excellent, as is the steak tartare etc. On your way, stop off at La Palette, on rue du Seine, for a Kir or G & T. As for a traditional wine bar, I would opt for Le Rubis, especially if you like Andouillette. Petrelle is just fine; Josephine far superior to Robert et Louise. It is great to see not everyone is chasing after the latest & greatest tiny bistrot.

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        1. re: Oakglen

          Thanks for the suggestions Oakglen,

          I chose Balzar because of the traditional dishes esp. the steak tartare which we love - so that is definately on the list to order there.

          Thanks for mentioning La Palette - love both those drink suggestions!

          I think I can convince my husband not to keep R&L on the list and to book Josephine. I am thinking it might be a great place for our last night in Paris dinner as opposed to a lunch?

          We really do prefer restaurants that just serve good food. It doesn't have to have 50 different ingredients or be 'fru fru'. (i.e. what is with all the foam stuff that I have seen on many dishes in the high end restaurants?!)

          1. re: parisdreamer

            For a last dinner, why not consider Souffle's three souffle prix-fixe offering. The prices are reasonable,and I am sure you won't be hungry the next day. It is a bit "over the top", i must admit, but at least you will be able wadddle back to your hotel if you take it easy. A bit of excess can be a memorable experience.

        2. Here is an updated restaurant/food itinerary after doing more research and planning (along with some sightseeing plans).

          Day 1 (Wed)
          Tour of Paris on the Siene via Batobus
          Place de Concorde
          Jardin de Tuleries
          Rue de Rossiers
          Lunch: L’As du Falafel or La Regalade Saint Honore
          Place de Vosges
          Early evening at the Louvre
          Dinner: Le Rubis or Le Regalade St. Honore if we only have Falafel for lunch

          Day 2 (Thurs)
          Notre Dame, Saint Chappelle, Grand Epiciere, Keyser or Poliane for Bread, Rue Muffetard to buy items for picnic lunch
          Lunch: Picnic in Jardin du Luxembourg or Le Reminet if it is raining
          Ile Saint Louis after lunch with a stop at Berthillion Ice cream
          Have some drinks at ??? before heading for dinner (any other ideas for a great place for aperitifs with a view on the way to Le Petrelle?)
          Dinner: Le Petrelle – Anniversary dinner

          Day 3 (Fri)
          Eiffel Tower in the morning possibly go up, Parc du Champs du Mars, Rue Cler, Marie Anne Cantin
          Lunch: Café Constance or Chez Ami Jean
          Part of the Champs Elysees for a bit, Ave Montaigne, Drinks at Le Bar at George V Hotel
          Dinner: Chez Josephine Dumonet

          Now just to figure out which restaurant choices that are still up in the air!

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          1. re: parisdreamer

            You could also try Spring which has reopened and is a good as ever. It'd be a good nice lunch (like 30/40 pp not including wine). Its a bit more inventive than classic french.

            1. re: ParisNat

              Thanks ParisNat - So many choices so little time! I have read lots about Spring and it sounds wonderful.

            2. re: parisdreamer

              As much as I love the historical connection and ambiance of Le Rubis, I wouldn't have dinner there; a snack or light lunch, yes. If you are willing to pay up(and I mean really pay up) for drinks, I suggest Meurice or Ritz vs Geo V.

              1. re: Oakglen

                Thanks - we were only going to have a very light snack and wine at Le Rubis for dinner since we will have a big lunch. Can you have charcuterie at Le Rubis?

                I do have Meurice on my radar and the Ritz...what are we talking for a drink there?

                1. re: parisdreamer

                  "Can you have charcuterie at Le Rubis?"

                  Yes. And good idea after a big lunch.

              2. re: parisdreamer

                Oh and I have decided lunch at CAJ on day 3 isn't going to work when we also want to go to CJD for dinner either staying with Constant (sorry about the typo above) or another spot for a lighter lunch in the 7th.

                1. re: parisdreamer

                  Faced with a similar issue on our last trip, we had a picnic next to Lac Inferior in Bois de Boulonge...cheese, sausage, some veggies, bread, fruit and wine. Everyone liked it; and, the joggers yelled, "Bon appetit!"

                  Or, you can always graze on rue Cler.

                  1. re: hychka

                    A drink at the bar in the Meurice, a simple one like a kir- is about 17 euros, accompanied by little nibbles. The price is ridiculous !!! but if you want to enjoy a drink in a place so luxurious that it feels like pocket of a sable coat- this is it.

                    1. re: pammi

                      I guess I have to decide if I want to feel like a sitting inside a sable coat then...not bad - I was expecting worse. Wonder how long I could savor a kir for....