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Aug 17, 2010 10:34 AM

Hudson Valley Rib Fest questions...

Can anyone give me a run down on this event? We are thinking about heading up for the first time, and I am trying to get an idea of how much cash we need to take. (family of 4)
I see that it's a $5 entry fee and then you pay each vendor separately for food. Another blog mentioned pricing runs about $10 per plate/per vendor- Seems a little high for samples unless they are giving out meal size portions. Is there a better day to go? Looks like Sunday they are judging all the good stuff (ribs, pork, brisket) does this mean it is better to go Sunday?
Has anyone been that can give me an idea what to expect? Thanks in advance!

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  1. The day that you go shouldn't be influenced by when food is being judged. You won't be able to try the food that is judged anyway. The teams are not allowed to sell food to the public (Dept. of Health).

    If you are interested in how the judging procedure works, go Sunday. They have stadium seating in the judging building and you can take as much or as little time as you would like to see it in progress.

    They usually have about 4 BBQ vendors and a number of other vendors selling food items. I would assume that for about $10.00 you would get something akin to a pulled pork sandwich and two sides. Maybe a soda. Pretty reasonable for what you get, especially considering the quality (which is much better than most BBQ restaurants).

    They have a beer garden, live music and lots of other stuff going on. Should be a good time.


    1. Hi Kate -

      We went there last year and I took a picture of the menu at one of the places (Jack's Down Home BBQ) so here are their prices...

      Full rack $22
      1/2 rack $12
      3 bone teaser $7
      BBQ Chicken Sandwich $7
      Pulled Pork Sandwich $7
      Brisket Sandwich $7
      BBQ Combo $18
      Beef and Bean Burrito $8
      BBQ Nachos $7
      Sides (baked beans or cole slaw) $2
      Make it a platter $3 - I don't remember what this included - could be a side and a drink, but I can't say for sure.

      If I remember correctly the prices were pretty similar at all 6 bbq places. I went with another person and got the rib teaser plates at each place - so 18 ribs (a little more than a rack), cost about $42 or so...definitely not cheap. But it's fun and not something you get to do often. If you want to hit all 6 places, you will definitely have to share. Also, drinks are pretty expensive there, so you have to factor that in as well.

      As far as what day to go, I don't think it matters, but I would consider the weather. The forecast is for scattered thunderstorms on Sunday. I think it's more important to consider what time of day to go.... the lines can get absolutely insane during the middle day and it's hot standing in the sun. If you go early like we did, you avoid the lines, but some of the places were still setting up. If you go late, you're running the risk that the best places have run out of ribs or whatever.

      Hope you have fun!

      1. Thank you both for the great info- it was very helpful. Looks like we are going to have a beautiful Saturday to enjoy some delicious BBQ!!