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Aug 17, 2010 10:34 AM

Help narrow my picks!

Yay, I'm moving back to Philly after 2 years in DC! I need to celebrate this and an anniversary so please help me narrow down the choices. We eat seafood but no other meat. I've looked over all the menus and am good with the limited seafood/veggie options at Fond, but not sure about Zahav as the menu was a little harder to get a feel for.

- Fond
- Zahav
- Fish
- Horizons


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  1. All those places are very good, Fish is my least favorite of them but if you don't eat land animals it's an excellent choice. There's a PDF of Zahav's menu here:

    That's where I'd go, you can easily have a fantastic meal from just the veggie and fish options. You'd definitely have more choices than at Fond. Get the $36 prix fixe, despite what the menu says you are actually free to order two things from the first two columns (not one from each column), so you could each get two dishes from the dairy section (which includes fish for some reason) and one from the skewer section (I'd get the Galil).

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      In Israel dairy and meat would typically be separate menus or more commonly separate restaurants altogether, to help people who keep Kosher and cannot eat both at the same meal. Fish is pareve, meaning it is considered neither diary nor meat under Kashrut, so it could fall under either designation depending on the other ingredients in the dish. Zahav is of course not Kosher but the menu is full of nods to Israeli and Jewish culture.

    2. We love Fish. We've been there a few times and have never been disappointed.
      It's all fish and seafood - nothing else, unless you order in advance.
      I know we have to try Zahav again, because we weren't entranced.
      Haven't yet tried Fond, but heard very good recommendations.

      1. My one meal at Zahav was all vegetarian (I am not vegetarian, but I like a lot of vegetarian options so it sometimes works out like that), and it was amazing.

        On the other hand, I don't think you can ever go wrong with Horizons either - it's not just very good for a vegetarian restaurant, it's a very good restaurant by any standards.

        1. I've eaten at Zahav with vegetarians and friends who eat only fish and no other meat. All have loved it. There are a lot of great choices. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it.

          1. welcome back!!! haven't been to fond, but you certainly will not go wrong with the rest!

            i'm taking a much-needed night out on the town on thursday, and i'm thinking i want to end up at fish. i have been craving the crab/avocado combo for a good month now, and after having just returned from a short weekend at the beach i just find myself wanting seafood more than ever.

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              Loved Zahav (get the Mesibah so you can eat the lamb shoulder). I found Fish to be all pretty good but maybe a bit pricy for what you get. I liked some of the entrees but was not enthralled with all of them.

              1. re: bluehensfan

                OP doesn't eat meat other than fish.

                1. re: Buckethead

                  Ahh yer right! In that case go with the fried eggplant and haloumi cheese at Zahav.