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Tacos Xochimilco (sunset park)

At the good suggestion of a poster; a discussion about my favorite Mex place in Sunset park. Xochimilco. Located at the corner of 45th and 5th, across the street from the far more popular Tacos Matamoros,

Taco Matamoros does deserve most of the praise, but for me Xochimilco is even better.

I have had wonderful stuff here; English skills are often zero, decor negative, and it can get a bit dirty. Still I have found the food to be better.

I find most thing to be fresher, better spiced, and more home cooking. Not surprising since there is only 6 tables and far less crowds. The soups in particular are standouts; I have had almost everyone, and not yet a bad experience. My favorite being the mole. You can grab a corner table and sit and watch the world go by.

As I have posted before, its a great place to come after watching the sunset from the park a block away; which will remind you why Sunset park got its name. One of my favorite parks in the city, both for a wonderful view and people watching.

The link is a set of pictures I have taken in and around the park.


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  1. That's great information. I'm belatedly getting around to really exploring Sunset Park's Mexican strip. So many of the posts about this area are really brief and it's hard to get a real sense of the places they mention. Detailed info like this is good to hear. I'll make a point of checking this place out.

    ETA - Here's a write up by Sietsema - http://www.villagevoice.com/2009-04-1...

    ETA 2 - a menu http://whereyoueat.com/TacosXochimilc...

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      I really encourage going to the park first and people watching around sunset. Its so active and a wonderful scene.....

      Xochimilco is much simpler home cooking than Matamoros.

      Did not see the Sietsema article before; Glad he also like the mole al estilo Xochimilico soup. That is the correct name and its amazing....

    2. Second the rec for Xochimilco. Their tongue tacos are particularly excellent. I tried an assortment and they were all good. These were the standout. They also make a very nice pambazo, which is basically a fork and knife Mexican sloppy Joe...or, uh, sloppy Jose....I went down the whole 5th Ave. Sunset Park wormhole earlier this year. NYC Foodguy did a great job covering the scene here- http://nycfoodguy.com/2009/04/06/suns....

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        Thanks for the link. That's a great foodcrawl thru S.Park.

      2. Last week, I had the best nachos I've ever had in my life at Xochimilco. Can't stop thinking about them! Going to try the pambazo next time.

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          They have really good tortillas in general. So good that I figured they made them fresh, or got them from a better supplier than most. Nope, come from same factory as other places on the strip (down the street). I figure they just take more care in using only the fresh ones.

          The chips that come often are freshly made, still hot from the pan of grease. I also love the salsa, its hot and nicely spiced.

          I have had the Nachos twice, once it was out of this world, teaching me that Texas style nachos really can be great. The second time it was just ok.

          Anyways, glad you like this place as well.

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            Just had my first pambazo from Xochimilco. It was vegetarian (most allegedly contain chorizo?) and very good, but could have used more red sauce. I think it would be fairly easy to replicate at home.

          2. I like Xochimilco too. I've mostly had pork-related tacos there. I agree that the cooking there comes across as homier and the spicing and seasoning is sometimes a little more robust than at Matamoros. I'm a fan of both places, though, and I go back to each (as well as to Piaxtla es Mexico further south in the neighborhood). I'll have to try the nachos and this pambazo I keep hearing about. Thanks for the tips, everyone.

            It's true the park is a great place. Rather than visiting the park and then going to eat, I often do the reverse and get portable food like tacos, banh mi, even dumplings, and bring them to a bench at the park to enjoy outside.

            1. I love this place - I live pretty nearby and eat there whenver I get the chance. Their Cemitas are phenomenal, especially the Al Pastor and the Milanesa de Pollo (ie fried chicken cemita, yum) . By me, even better than the Pambazzo. Tacos Matamoros' cemitas have some great little grilled peppers on them, but otherwise these are better in most every way.
              They also do really well with the heartier masa dishes - huaraches and sopes especially. The huaraches are thick, misshapen, crunchy but chewy. The salsa verde is excellent.
              Enchiladas are very good, especially the enchiladas de Mole (much better than the chicken with Mole Poblano, the chicken's a little dispiriting).
              The horchata is yummy, and, if you're ordering to go, they often bring you a small glass.
              The guacamole is pretty good, but no match for the more expensive of the guacs (can't remember what they call it) at Matamoros.
              A few things that weren't that great: Chicken in Pipian Verde, Chicken in Mole Poblano, Tostadas were nothing special.
              And Avocado salad was a littel depressing - lettuce, avocado, tomato, some big slabs of cheese, and some orange wedges as dressing.
              Anyone ever had breakfast there?

              Tacos Matamoros
              4508 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

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                Whoops, meant the Cemita de Enchilada, not Al Pastor

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                  I love Xochimilco. I don't have to go far- it's at the end of my block! I think their tortas/cemitas are much better than Matamoros. I'm addicted to the Milanesa de Pollo Torta....

                  Tacos Xochimilco
                  4501 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

              2. My one experience there was not a positive one.. I went with a child who ordered the cheeseburger and felt that was the best item that we tried there... Other than that I enjoyed the lengua taco.. I tried the Mole Soup that the Village Voice talked about.. I felt it to be incredibly bland and watery.. The pieces to be way too fatty and of terrible quality..

                My gordita came basically destroyed.. Cracked in half and sloppy..

                The chorizo was just over powered with cloves and dried out.

                I also took issue with the cleanliness of the entire restaurant but, more importantly the kitchen.. This went far beyond, oh it's a Mexican Bodega, what do you expect.. I know the difference between humble and plain old dirty..The kitchen was plain old dirty..

                I do appreciate everyone's perspective and will give this place another shot.. But, on the day I was there, not good at all..

                1. Was again in the park and area taking pictures on easter sunday, and went here for the first time in a few months.

                  I have to say it was pretty mediocre this time, with the soup being just ok. The tacos where still pretty good. It seemed to be a whole new crew,

                  At least the pictures came out

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                    Driggs, I've been here a couple times based on your original recommendation. I've gotten the pozole rojo a few times, and while good, it doesn't really hold a candle to the tacos. Especially their tripe taco--really worth seeking out.