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Aug 17, 2010 09:58 AM

Sasha's, what's the deal?

Amysue are you out there? You have commented about several places in this area do you have any wisdom on Sasha's to proffer? This is the sandwich place in the building across the street from Sun Harvest. It has been in the area for some time but I have never tried the place. It seems that a long time ago, maybe on the Austin360 food board, I read some comments on it. Anyone?

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  1. As luck would have it, I was picking up some things at SH and stopped in. Menu was very limited when I went in, but they had just opened up. I wasn't very hungry, so I got a ham and cheese pirozhki (think kolache). Bread was soft and warm, quality meat/cheese, and while basic, quite satisfying.

    Layout of the place is a little odd. You have to walk through the one long snaking isle of grocery items, most of which are Russian/European goods, to get to the counter to order.

    I'm not much on Russian food, so someone else will have to chime in on whether they've enlarged their menu and how authentic it all is.

    1. I haven't been in some time (3+ years) but it being the only Russian place in town, it is hard to knock it. I liked the pickled herring on rye with a bowl of the borscht soup. Try it out and see what you think and post back. The fact that you call it a sandwich shop implies they've changed their focus since I've been there.

      Other than Dracula's, is there any other Eastern European foods in Austin?

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        There used to be one in that strip mall on 2222/Mopac where the Starbucks/Subway is, but I think they've closed down; no? Like I said, I'm not much into the pickled herring/borscht thing...

        1. re: amysuehere

          Sahsa's used to be off 2222/Mopac about 5 years ago (and before that they were at the old Burnet Rd. Farmer's Market).

        2. re: Carter B.

          Thanks for reminding me of Drakula's. I thought it was closed but apparently not. I tried it years ago I guess soon after they opened, and when I tried to go back later they appeared to have closed down. Unfortunately it appears they do not have any lunch hours except on Saturday, but I'll have to give it a try.

          1. re: danny_w

            Yeah, I used to go when they were open for lunch but only opening for dinner and I haven't been back.

          2. re: Carter B.

            The one and only time I tried Sasha's, it was a sad, sad affair. I ordered the potato dumplings, and I suspect they made it from scratch as it took ages to come out (I was the only person in the store). They were ok, but way overpriced for the portion size.

            I've been meaning to go back as I recall they had a large frozen pierogi selection and fresh pickles as well as the Russian version of kefir. From the Yelp reviews, it sounds like they expanded their cafe menu, so maybe I'll give them a second chance.