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Aug 28, 2005 05:17 PM

good eats in ORANGE, CA (not OC, but the actual CITY of ORANGE)

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I'm looking for good food in the city of ORANGE.

I like authentic Mexican (carnitas, pastor, asada)

Also good sandwiches.

And good coffee.

And anything bacon wrapped.

And good sushi.

And good thai.

And PORK of all natures. In any form.

Price is not an object.

Oh yeah, and good breakfast.

And a good Bloody Mary.


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  1. byblos is a good family-run (the front entryway space is taken up by a playhouse with tv installed for the young daughter who is growing up there) lebanese place- the food is made with care and the turkish coffee is great.

    1. Orange's best breakfast is probably Arthur's on Tustin Avenue. It surely has the best biscuits and gravy.

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      1. re: Dorothy

        We got a recommendation to eat breakfast at Arthur's; were told it was the best in Orange. Sad to say, though, we were totally disappointed. The biscuits they say are "famous" tasted like the pop-open cannister and bake kind. The coffee was terrible; weak, acidic, bad flavor. Omelette was acceptable and price reasonable. Our waitress was terrible in all ways a waitress should be good; but there was another there that was very good (wish we had her). Even John's Place and Drive Through is better, IMO. It's on Chapman near Jamboree. But that's nothing special either; just better than Arthur's. Another choice better thaqn Arthur's would be Johnny Rebs on Chapman.

        1. re: kc girl

          Arthur sold the Orange restaurant years ago and it's gone downhill. If you want the awesome Arthur's breakfast, you have to go to either the original in Downey or the one in La Habra that is run by his son. The bisquits & gravy, Arthur's famous "OJ" drink, and everything else is still to die for. I live in Orange and drive to La Habra to eat at Arthur's and will not waste my time at the local one.

      2. I like Okie breakfast at Arthur's also.

        Tulsa Rib Company, At Tustin and Collins, is good.

        1. Felix on the traffic circle - good breakfast, good lunch, Cuban food

          Arthurs has good breakfast but for some reason serves little packs of syrup with their pancakes (!)

          Thai - drive across the freeways to Garden Grove - Thai Nakorn - well worth it. OR, try Thai Spice on Tustin Ave between Katella & Taft

          Also between Katella & Taft - Darya for Persian food

          By the way, has ANYONE tried any of the large number of Indian restaurants on Tustin Ave?

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          1. re: ErikaK

            Stopped by CHOMP for their Sunday champagne brunch (Commonwealth Ave, east of Harbor). At 24.95/person, it's pretty much on par with most of the all-you-can-eat sushi buffets you see around (Todai, Sumo). Some differences though:

            It's right across the street from a church, so you will be battling Sunday worshippers for parking. Still, we got there at about 10:30, an hour after opening, and were immediately seated. Servers were attentive and the glass of champagne rarely went below half-full. It wasn't top shelf bubbly, but accompanied the meal quite nicely. I could swim in the accompanying glass of orange juice.

            As we walked in, we were led past the dessert area, including a chocolate fountain. Appropriate that it is the centerpiece of the dessert tray as there really wasn't much else. Then again, I usually am raising the white flag before getting to the dessert cart anyhow.

            The buffett surrounds CHOMP's sushi bar, so it's smaller than the dedicated sushi buffets. What they do, they do well. Jerk chicken, Caribbean meatloaf, and seafood skewers were all decent, the cheese blintz was large and more flavorful than typical buffet type. I didn't take advantage of the carving station (couldn't fit another bite in and really wanted to fill the sushi fix).

            I'd say the same for the pasta and omelet bars. Too much food, not enough room.

            What really impressed me was the specialty rolls on the sushi side. I was somewhat relegated to those as one individual commandeered the entire platter of ahi, hamachi, and salmon nigiri (no small task). Still, there were plenty of flavors that one would hardly notice that half were variations on California rolls. The shot glasses of crab or shrimp (your choice) ceviche were excellent as was the "sauce it yourself" shrimp cocktail.

            There were two regular sushi chefs in attendance, so special orders were available. I was satisfied with a spicy tuna hand roll which had just the right amount of Sriracha (sp?).

            The oyster/crab leg bar were worthy of attention. The oysters were sizeable and quite fresh. The snow crab legs played second-fiddle to the claws, but yielded enough meat to justify the work required.

            To me, the gold standard is the Sterling brunch at Bally's and the gulf between that and all others is quite wide. At the same time, comparing CHOMP to Sumo/Todai would be like comparing Ruth's Chris to Sizzler. It's not IN the city of Orange, but only a 10-15 minute drive, it's well worth the effort and the value.

          2. I'm looking for good food in the city of ORANGE.

            I like authentic Mexican (carnitas, pastor, asada) - DeAnda Taqueria

            Also good sandwiches. Hollingshead Deli - also great beer selection (
            And good coffee. - Villa Park Coffee

            And anything bacon wrapped. None

            And good sushi. Osaka Kapa in Tustin on Newport Ave.

            And good thai. - Ditto, Thai Nakorn

            And PORK of all natures. In any form. - Burrell's BBQ in Santa Ana on Hesperia and Third.

            Price is not an object.

            Oh yeah, and good breakfast. - Pops in Santa Ana or Rockwell's in Villa Park

            And a good Bloody Mary. - There is NO good hard booze in North County, only beer.