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Aug 17, 2010 08:01 AM

Toronto Kosher Downtown?

Hi - going to be in toronto for a day. I know most of the Kosher places are on Bathurst, and that may be where I end up heading, but I will be downtown doing some quick touristy stuff - is there anything kosher downtown?

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  1. The only place I know of is Oasis in the Exchange Tower food court (at the corner of York and King St).

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    1. re: 83gemini

      thanks! i'll look it up. we're not picky, we'll just need something to eat.

    2. Take a cab, rent a car, hire a horse and driver, charter a helicopter if you must.

      Go to Miami Grill and order the liver and onions and think of me.

      1. Oasis as mentioned above, Kosher hot dog stand (Old Spadina) at Rogers Center if you are going to see a game, or Mt. Sinai Hospital Cafeteria at University and College.

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          Thanks! we found Oasis cafe (thanks to someone who gave explicit instructions on how to find it on a shamash posting from year ago - in case anyone need to know in the future....look for the entrance to the exchange concourse on the southeast corner of York and Adelaide...) and it was just what we needed. Since we were heading to a wedding that night...we wanted somethign quick during our few hours of touring.