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Aug 17, 2010 06:54 AM

Gujarati Food, anyone?

I'm looking for an Indian restaurant in the area that specializes in Gujarati food. My boyfriend is from India and he's craving a Guju meal something fierce. The best we can find is a decent Thali. Until I learn to cook the stuff, help!

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  1. According to Wiki, Gujarati food is primarily vegitarian. So not knowing where you are located I will suggest Mango Grove in Columbia, MD. It is mainly southern Indian style, all veggie, and very tastey. I think there is another veggie place in Langley Park, MD. Also try calling the Embassy for suggestions.

    1. They have both a North Indian and South Indian Thali at Saravana Palace in Fairfax. All-around, a very high quality restaurant.. Check out the menu at the link below, but please report back if you go.

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        Guju (Western Indian) food is mostly veggie, but otherwise not that similar to most South Indian food; your pickings for real Guju food in this area will probably be slim. Some options:

        * Nirvana used to have a rotating "region of India" buffet thing going on, and their Guju buffet was pretty good.

        * I remember someone saying that Mirchi Wok up in Columbia had some Guju dishes.

        * The Google says that there's also a Guju society in DC that holds regular events, so your BF could probably find some food that way: .

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          There is a Western India section to the menu at Passages to India in Bethesda.

      2. There is a little grocery store with a small restaurant inside that serves Gujarati food in Baltimore called Pavan Foods. It's 8904 Harford Rd near Putty Hill. It has a few tables in back and a lunch buffet, plus a sweets display. The food is decent, more like family than restaurant cooking (so probably just what the bf is looking for), and I've been there many times. The buffet is very small, with two or three items, and sometimes is better than other times, but is always what I'd call honest food--not always superb but usually solid and sometimes quite excellent. The same women have run the kitchen for years. I like the Padpri Chat and the masala dosa if I'm ordering off the menu (actually just some signs on the wall).

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          1. Any luck finding good Gujarati food in DC? I'm craving some home cooked food.