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Where to eat in or near Plainview and Massapequa, Long Island

Visiting for a long weekend and would like to escape some of our family events for some yummy meals on our own. Would like some great kosher style deli, Italian, breakfast, and nice fish restaurant for a party of 9. Suggestions with locations would be most welcome

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  1. All American on Merrick Road in Massapequa is an old fashioned burger spot, reminiscent of an original McDonald's.

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      French - Brasserie Cassis, 387 South Oyster Bay Road, Plainview - (516) 653-0090

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        Unfortunate recent report at Brasserie Cassis:

        As far as All American goes, I definitely have some fond sentimental memories about the place, but the food is nothing special. I always used to like the fries better than the burgers (which are unexceptional), but I don't know if I'd actually send someone there.

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          It's been so disappointing to experience the slide from reliably wonderful to frequently mediocre, sometimes just plain awful, at the Bistro Cassis and Brasserie Cassis. Company culture starts at the top, and these places too often scream "we don't care."

    2. For breakfast, try one of these two:

      Nothing spectacular for kosher style deli, but pretty good choices are
      Regal Kosher Deli (1110 East Old Country Road Plainview), corner with Manetto Hill Road
      Boomy's Kosher Deli & Restaurant‎ (437 South Oyster Bay Road, Plainview


      Italian food isn't my thing so I can't help you there, and I don't know of any really good fish places in your area (that is, I know fish places, but nothing all that special).

        1. La Piazza, corner of Old Country Rd. and Manetto Hil Rd. in Plainview. Very good italian, and reasonable to boot. Our go-to Italian place and we live like 40 minutes away.

          1. For Italian food, I like Pasteria in Plainview, on S. Oyster Bay Road and Manetto Hill Road. It is not fancy, but they have great food.

            There are a couple of nice, and very authentic Chinese restaurants, not to far from where you will be.


            1. Red fish Grill on Woodbury Road (in a small strip mall) near South Oyster Bay Road is nice for fish (great horseradish crusted salmon). Kosher deli . _Regal on the coner of Mannetto Hill and Old Country Road. It is run down but it has god deli and great soup. You can also try Boomy's on South Oyster Bay Road. Italian for casual try La Piazza on old Country near Plainview Road( across from the Regal Deli in the Citibank Shopping Center) or Pasteria on South Oyster Bay Road near Staples.
              Breakfast Just diners- Plainview diner has pretty good waffles and Challah French Toast (located on Old Country Road). Enjoy your visit.

              La Piazza
              1137 Old Country Rd, Plainview, NY 11803

              1. Bellcrest Kosher Deli
                2793 Merrick Rd, Bellmore, NY 11710
                (516) 785-8691

                1. Big Daddy's has an interesting menu... some hits, some misses ...

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                    they sure aren't what they were in their heyday since they changed hands several years back.

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                          Just discovered it's VERY cheap to hop a flight from MacArthur to NOLA. I am disappointed to hear about new owners for Big Daddys, that used to be our favorite place on all Long Island. But I remember hearing bad rumbles about it years ago, plus nothing good lately, so I believe it.

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                            "...plus nothing good lately, so I believe it."

                            come on, coll, that's not like you to say that. there's GOT to be SOMETHING that's good, no? LOL

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                              I haven't been there in...I don't know, maybe 10 years? I always thought of them as the BEST, not just Cajun but of all cuisines, way back when; but I've heard rumblings that something's not quite right, now that I think about it. And this coming from the inside, so I'm finally forced to think about it seriously. Would I drive an hour plus to find out, that's the question. Maybe when I get my tax return ;-) Let's start a separate thread and get some feedback, I say!

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                                <<Let's start a separate thread and get some feedback, I say!>>

                                about Big Daddy's ?

                    1. Morrison's in Plainview has a great menu. Friday nights it's all seafood specials.

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                        I've heard the sound level is astounding so haven't gone. Their other place in Commack was ok... good value. Jackson's.

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                          I've heard that about the sound level on Tuesday nights there. We've only been on Fridays and it's been fine.

                      2. casual but fun and tasty is

                        Zim Zari California Coastal Grill
                        Live Free... East Coastal!

                        "Zim Zari is freedom.
                        It’s calling in to work and heading for the ocean.
                        Ordering boat drinks while in the middle of the city. Wearing shorts on a weekday.
                        Zim Zari is more then just a restaurant. Zim Zari is camaraderie. "

                        Zim Zari California Coastal Grill
                        4964 Merrick Rd
                        Massapequa Park, NY 11762
                        (516) 809-6960

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                          I guess that job there worked out for you.