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Aug 17, 2010 06:08 AM

glasgow dining

Staying in Glasgow for the first time in many years this September - any ideas on good eateries, relaxed ambiance for approx £30 - £35 per head.

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  1. Hi TT

    Happy to offer suggestions if you give a little more info what you're looking for- traditional scottish? Indian? Seafood?


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    1. re: crispysaltysweet

      thanks Crispy - Scottish / French / Indian (but must be memorable) / Fusion

      1. re: tangoterrier

        Yeah, the Chip has never disappointed me. I mentioned on anther post you can also eat in the brasserie/bistro upstairs if the main dining room is too formal/expensive for what you're looking for. That would fulfill your scottish food yen.

        For Indian I would recommend either the dhabba or the dahkin on Candleriggs.

        Also look into Crabshakk- almost all seafood- menu is small but they usually have some amazing specials. Place is small too so reservations are a must.

        I can't think of any french or fusion places... none that I have tried yet anyway.

        Hope you have a great visit!

    2. Probably a bit over budget, but I gather the Ubiquitous Chip is now back on cracking form after a dip a year or so back.

      1. for french try La Valle Blanche, or Michael Caines at Abode or Hotel Du Vin at One Devonshire the latter 2 have good lunch deals.

        1. sorry forgot Stravaigin which quite often can have Spanish or far eastern influences, some of the best food around.

          1. Having lived in Glasgow for 4 years, my favourite place would always be Stravaigin, on Gibson Street - upstairs, not downstairs, for the most relaxed and casual ambiance (there's a smarter restaurant downstairs and the upstairs is more laid-back, but you can still order off either menu wherever you sit). The atmosphere is wonderful, as is of course the food. Check out for menus.

            We always end up coming back there no matter where else we try out.

            However, No.16 (at, surprise surprise, No. 16 Byres Road) is also wonderful and has really good set menus, as does Stravaigin. It's a little more classically European than Stravaigin (which takes in influences from all over the world). It's TINY and friendly. They also have a website,