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Aug 17, 2010 12:56 AM

Earthshaking Cutting Edge Sandwich Survey

Sure it is! Well, anyway, we've probably all seen those commercials for sandwich spreads where a pair of model's perfect hands peels back the corner of an artfully arranged sandwich and adds a smear of mayo to a lettuce leaf, then closes up the sandwich while a voice over tells us how incomplete our life will be if we don't use this product. It always leaves me wondering what kind of (supply your own descriptive here) puts the mayo on the lettuce instead of the bread!

And that led this idle mind to all sorts of ponderings on how people put together their sandwiches. More specifically, how and where they apply the dressings?

I'll admit to being something of an obsessive compulsive. Whatever the spread -- mayo, mustard, butter, peanut butter, sour cream, jelly, you name it -- it MUST cover the entire slice of bread, crust to crust, top to bottom, side to side. But I've had friends who just smear it on any old way and it doesn't matter a bit whether every bite of sandwich will have everything in it.

So I'm wondering how the rest of you make your sandwiches? A dab in the middle? A dab on the lettuce? Wall to wall, and maybe in laters? How do you do it?

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  1. I tried to spread "it" evenly on the bread. Although rare, I have also spread "it" on the meat.

    1. Spread to the edge, a bit in every bite.

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      1. re: bushwickgirl

        Yes, I do the same.

        I dislike it when restaurants put the spread on the lettuce with a burger - this just increases slippage and doesn't taste right. Spread goes on bread!

        1. re: bushwickgirl

          Usually I do the same. Sometimes if I can't decide how I want my sandwich, I will spread half to one edge and half of something else on the otherside. If you trespass the flavor border, you sometimes end up with unexpectedly delicious combinations like mayonaise, onions and peanut butter.

          1. re: bushwickgirl

            +1. Spread belongs on the bread, not the lettuce. And it goes on BOTH pieces of bread. Not just the top.

          2. I used to be a spread-it-to-the-edge man, but no more! In the interest of saving time and not befouling a knife, I buy mustard--the only condiment I use--with the surgically-precise nozzle and squirt the stuff to all quadrants of the bread. Then comes the meat and anything else I'm going to use. Works just fine and I enjoy my sandwiches as much as ever.

            1. I spread the bread. Wall to wall, side to side, up and down, top to bottom. Sometimes... no, most times, I spread mayo on one slice and the spicy brown mustard on t'other.

              1. I do mayo on one side and mayo + mustard on the other, spread with a knife all the way to the edge, in an even layer. I'm more a mayo gal than I used to be since I switched to Duke's mayo *choirs of angels singing*.

                My dad is the ultimate sandwich obsessive. Mayo goes on one slice of bread in a thin, perfectly even layer all the way to the crust, and then the MEAT ONLY gets stacked on that side. Mustard goes on the other slice of bread, spread exactly like the mayo, and then the CHEESE ONLY gets stacked on that side. Cheese cannot touch mayo and meat cannot touch mustard. That's the rules. ;)