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Aug 17, 2010 12:55 AM

grocery stores that have squid

never tried squid before, and decided I want to try it. looking for recipes now ...

I'm walking distance from chinatown (well ... a long walk ;) ) - what are some good places to get it, and is squid safe to eat (I hope cooking kills all the parasites & bacteria & what-not)

Any chance that octopus can be mixed with a squid catch? ... I definitely do NOT want to eat octopus.

I figure a bunch of you will tell me T&T ... how do I get there on TTC?

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  1. You're plainly anxious about this squid thing. Why not start with frozen calamari rings first--widely available and inexpensive if you find it disgusting. Fresh squid just might not be for you since they require cleaning and disassembly(decapitation, skinning and quill removal, etc.) I doubt you're up for right now. Octopus are never a squid by-catch. They're usually sold frozen and fresh only by a few fishmongers.

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      Most squid that is in the iced case has been previously frozen. Look for California or Rhode Island, (Judith Point) Squid ONLY. There is a lot of Chinese product around, a lot of that is imported for fishing bait.

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        If you've never had it may I suggest you stop in at one of the relatively cheap restaurants on the Danforth, like Pantheon, and try it out first. Order the grilled appetizer. If you like it, move on from there.

        The seafood shop on the Danforth at Pape sells it, but I cannot remember the name of the place.

    2. It's not true that you have to clean the squid yourself if you choose to buy it in a form other than the precut frozen rings. All of the fishmongers in St. Lawrence and will sell squid tubes (the bodies with all innards, beak, etc. removed). I'd say that this would be the easiest way to buy/prepare them for a first timer.

      If you are close to Chinatown you are also close to Kensington, and the New Seaway Market is the cleanest and nicest spot in that neighbourhood IMHO

      I love T&T, but it is a pain to get to by TTC when compared to St. Lawrence or Kensington.

      If you get them from a clean and fresh place, you have nothing at all to worry about in terms of parasites or bacteria.

      Just watch out when you cook them - they go from mild and tender and delicious to horrible and rubbery in a matter of seconds. Err on the side of undercooking...

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        Re: your cooking advice. While it is true that if you don't want to overcook squid if you're grilling or frying them, they can also be delicious and tender after a long slow braise.