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Soft hamburger bun recipe like from store

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Anyone know how to recreate hamburger or hot dog buns like the ones bought in store?

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  1. Google Moomie Buns. My friends rave about them. I made them with a friend once and they were so good. I am not a bread/roll maker though, so I don't have the recipe.

    They were pretty easy to make too.

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      A recipe for Moomie's can be found here


    2. please try smitten kitchen's burger rolls. Really delicious. The dough is wet but persevere and don't add too much flour.

      1. These mashed potato rolls are really light and soft like store ones.


        To make hamburger buns, I take small balls of dough, stretch the dough towards the bottom center and pinch. For hot dog rolls, I roll it like a baguette--shape into an oval, fold in thirds and pinch. Repeat.