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Aug 16, 2010 09:46 PM

Emergency recommendations! 4 days "Downtown Vancouver"

I will be in Vancouver this Thursday till Sunday. I work in the restaurant and love to eat out and see what others are doing. My Mother, on the otherhand, likes more home cooked meals, nothing too fancy nor ethnic. Italian, French, Spanish, Seafood Places are some of my thoughts. I have been looking through the forums, but quite frankly am running out of time, to reserve for the weekend. With that being said I am interested in spending on maybe 1 fine dining meal, but would like to keep dinner more at casual fine dining($20-$30entrees) and breakfast and lunch cheaper. ($10-15). We are staying at Pan Pacific and would like to have our breakfasts and dinners close by. For lunch, we will be touring Stanley Park and Granville, and Chinatown.

Here is what I have in mind so far...

I think Mom would really love Lupo and Italian Kitchen, but here are others I think have a good menu for the both of us.
Market (more for me, hearing about that chocolate cake!!!)
Go Fish
Rain City Grill
Five Sails??? for the prices, I think rain City may accomadate my Mother more, but conviently close)
Fish house Stanley Park (We arrive thurday at noon and will be ready for a 3 course meal, which I saw advertised for summer $30) ?? can we go in out track suit since we will be heading out there to rent bikes?
Terra Breads-Granville
Scuie- pizza and snacks
Cobre Nuevo Latino
Caffe Arttigiano

Please tell me if I am on the right track and if there is anything I am missing. Are there any fabulous places really close to our hotel that we must have for any budget?? Thanks so much for the help! i should've done my research earlier since Vancouver has so much to offer.

Cobre Restaurants
52 Powell St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1E7, CA

Italian Kitchen
, Vernon, BC V1T, CA

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  1. Here would be my short list - based on your list above:
    Lupo, Go Fish, Market, Scuie (which is more of a snacks/lunch place), Caffe Artigiano. Cobre. Fish House, Raincity Grill has supporters on this board too (but I haven't had a recent experience ine either place).

    I would throw in Medina (breakfast/brunch), Chambar (next door for a fine-dining type dinner).

    Close to your hotel is Gastown where some of the more interesting and newer places have recently opened - L'Abattoir has been getting some love on this board. We had a good chowdown at Judas Goat (modern Spanish tapas) a few months ago as well. Other than that, our Spanish scene is pretty weak.

    Post again and we can help you narrow it down...

    1. Based on our visit a couple of weeks ago, I would definitely second at least Lupo, Chambar, and Medina (for breakfast)! You won't go wrong with any of these... Enjoy!

      1. Gastown (5 to 10 minute walk) would be the closest area to the hotel with lots of dining choices. Other than the recommendations above, I would also suggest Brioche for breakfast ( Dinner suggestions in Gastown: Jules - French bistro ( and Cork & Fin - seafood wine bar ( are both well priced and within walking distance to the hotel. For a special evening, the Five Sails is lovely. I think Chef Dorfler and wife, Gerry Sayers, has done a great job updating the restaurant in both food and decor. They are currently offering a 3 course special $48 per person throughout the summer.

        With the new Canada Line, you can also get to Yaletown easily and there are many more excellent restaurants there as well.

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        1. re: shellback2

          Thanks for all the new ideas.

          Jules Bistro is a must!!! That menu will make Mom and I both happy, great menu and awesome prices. Medina will be good too. There are a nice mix of things, the Mediterrean influence will scare my Mother, but they offer eggs and pancakes as well. Judas goat looks good too!! Is that dinner only?? I cant find the hours.

          Any more breakfast recommendations. Eggs, pancakes, omlettes, great coffee?

          We arrive in Thursday afternoon and will be starving (leaving home at 5 am Ugh!) Our plan was to tour Stanley Park so unless someone has another recommendation in between our hotel and Stanley Park, I thought we'd head to Fish House. Snacking for dinner maybe at Judas Goat?

          Friday--(Chinatown and shopping)Breakfast Caffe Artigiano., Early Lunch Lupo, Dinner Jules Bistro

          Saturday-- (Granville) Breakfast Caffe A. , Lunch Go Fish or Oyama, Dinner ??? Market, Five Sails, Cobre, Raincity Grill There are things that I like about them all. But thinking if Five sails is awesome, it will probably be the most convinient. I love the menu at Cobre, I love the Farm to Table at Raincity with also special 3 course summer menu, I want that chocolate cake at Market, and menu looks good at 5 Sails with great special. Hum....

          Sunday Breakfast--Medina.

          And then we are off to Alaska for our next adventure!

          Thanks for all the help. I hope I am on the right track and not all over the place. :)

          1. re: nolachica

            I like Jules (especially their Puy lentils) but be SURE you have a reservation. It is tiny and gets booked up.

            Lupo is not open for lunch and neither is Judas Goat.