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Aug 16, 2010 09:35 PM

Taco Truck For Wedding

I've been looking around to get a taco truck for my wedding in Orange County in October and not finding a lot of resources. I know carts are easier, but my bride wants a truck specifically if doable. The venue is private property with tons of room (it's a ranch), so permits and space are not an issue.

I know there are a lot of recommended places here but it's tough for me to go to all of them seeing as I live about 65 miles from downtown LA. Also, it may be too much to ask, but with 200+ guests, I'm trying to keep the cost to $6-8 a head, pretty much ordering off the truck price

Any help, websites, numbers, names would be appreciated!


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  1. Look into El Chato, that is usually on Olympic and LaBrea. Has good food and a good reputation. Look at for their info, or google them. They are young and hip, and probably would make a great addition to your wedding. Congrats.

    1. Your bride to be is a definite keeper.

      1. Thank you,
        got in touch with the great taco hunt people and he was helpful.

        if anyone else has suggestions that would be great!

        1. My brother got married on July 10th and we went through a similar search. I tried to convince my brother to just go with a regular taquero/table set up, but he and his fiancee were obsessed with finding a taco truck for their wedding. Since they live in Oakland and the wedding was to be here in LA, I was given the task of trying to track down the best, most reliable, and cheapest truck. Night after night I drove around tasting tacos and asking (begging) the owners to consider doing a private event. Most people I spoke to, understandably, were reluctant to give up their regular gig on a saturday night and drive to some unknown location, but there were a few who gave me quotes which ranged from 550-800 for 80-100 people.

          We finally ended up going with Tacos Jeesy and everyone was really happy about how it turned out. The tacos were delicious - I especially liked the al pastor, but the carnitas and the asada were great too. And the price was right. For 550 dollars Jessy gave us 3 kinds of meats, 2 aquas frescas, all the condiments, and rice and beans. Jessy and his son showed up on time, worked really hard all evening, and I had to admit that Jessy's truck looked great at the event. We ended up tipping him another 150 and still felt like it was a great deal.

          A couple things:
          First, it would be helpful if you or someone you know speaks Spanish, but I'm sure this can be worked out, if not over the phone, then in person if you wanted to stop by the truck which is usually parked nightly on a kind of empty stretch of Cesar Chavez in East LA (I think the cross street is S. Carmelita).
          Second, I have no idea whether Jessy could/would travel all the way out to Orange County - our event was just south of downtown. Or whether this is too far away for you.
          Finally, as I said, everything went really smoothly for us, but by its nature, the set up of a taco truck may make it difficult to serve 200+ guests quickly if they're all eating at once. If you decide to go with Jessy, you might want to ask him how many people he'll be bringing with him to help...

          Tacos Jeesy: (323) 327-8206

          Good luck on your hunt!

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            Tacos Jeesy's makes some good tacos.