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Aug 16, 2010 08:48 PM

The Secret Wine Shop (SF)

The Secret Wine Shop is a soon-to-open (any day as soon as all the permits are in place) wine shop in a San Francisco SOMA live-work loft specializing in small, high quality, California wineries. I was there tonight ("friends", meaning really anyone who wants to go, are invited to Monday evening tastings (free with $5 donation requested) until the shop officially opens. It's the brain-child of Christy Bergman, a Stanford-grad mathematician turned wine buff via UC Davis. I met her two weeks ago when she was pouring at Muscardini's annual barrel tasting. I went there tonight to see what was going on and was impressed with the selection of five reds and one white in a very interesting space. This is a different type of operation completely and those who find it interesting should give it a look. I'd suggest calling before you go.

The Secret Wine Shop
1097 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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