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Aug 16, 2010 08:45 PM

Anyone remember the Oreo brand oreo-mint ice cream?

Anyone remember when the Oreo brand produced its own line of ice cream in the mid 1980s? My most favorite was the mint flavor, that was studded with sizeable pieces of Oreo cookies. Mint and cookies and cream...all in one. I haven't seen this brand in decades...

Does anyone know if any of the large national brands make similar flavor? Would love to get my hands on some soon. Otherwise, I may get desperate and buy a container of Breyers mint chip + a package of Oreo cookies :) TIA.

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  1. I swear I saw it the other day here, in Western Canada. Maybe??

    1. Ben and Jerry's makes mint chocolate cookie, available in pints at grocery stores and in most scoop shops. It is my favorite ice cream flavor.

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        mpjmph, I tried the Ben & Jerry's version of mint chocolate cookie tonight...OH MY. It is even better (no surprise) than the Oreo brand version I remembered. Thanks for the rec!

        1. re: kermit

          No problem :) This thread prompted me to get a pint over the weekend. I managed to make it last until Wednesday night.

      2. I don't know about national brands, but if you live in or have reason to visit Boston, JP LIcks has a mint oreo flavor that's one of my favorites.

        1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm in a locale not close to either of the regional spots that livetocook and Dizzied mentioned, so Ben & Jerry's it is (mpjmph, thanks for the lead -- I had no idea that flavor existed!).

          1. In So CA most of the mega marts like Vons have it.