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Aug 16, 2010 08:33 PM

Need restaurant suggestions for budget summer road trip from Buffalo, NY to Maine (Old Orchard Beach/ Portland/ Bangor/ Bar Harbor)

I'm going on a 5 day road-trip to Maine with a couple of my friends. We plan on staying at Old Orchard Beach for two days and then driving up to Acadia National Park and spending three nights near Bangor.
We're all foodies and are really excited to try out the seafood, berries and other local food. But since we're college students, we're on a pretty tight budget so I need some suggestions on inexpensive places that serve great local food. We do plan to splurge on a couple of meals though.

I've researched some places where we could eat at. Reviews or suggestions for other places would be awesome :)

Ogunquit: Barnacle Billy's, MC Perkins Cove

Kennebunkport: The Clam Shack

Portland: Duckfat, Kim's Sandwiches

Rockland: Waterman's Beach Lobster

Bangor: Friars Bakehouse, Bagel Central, Bagaduce Lunch, Anglers Restaurant.

Bar Harbor: ??

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  1. Based on recommendations from both Chowhound and Google Maps, we tried Friars Bakehouse for lunch. Although it was a charming snapshot of local color, I would not recommend it for lunch. I do recommend taking a loaf of their oatmeal bread on the road with you, and stopping in for a whoopie pie or blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee,

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      Just came back from the Bangor area. Who knew that Friar's Bakehouse had lobster rolls on Fridays? Huge and absolutely excellent. We had dinners at Fiddlehead and at Massimo cuccina. THese were wonderful dinners, lovely wait staff and owners, generous and gracious and the food was beatifully made, wonderful sauces, great wine choices and unusual drinks. We were surprised and delighted by the new choices and fantastic food.

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        Did you go to the bagel shop in Bangor? Is it better than Friars?

      2. I would not consider some of the places on your list inexpensive (e.g. MC and Duckfat). In that same category of "not inexpensive but worth a splurge" I would add Cleonice in Ellsworth.

        112 Main St, Ellsworth, ME 04605

        1. If you're foodies don't spend 3 nights in Bangor. Even Ellsworth would be better

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            Our original plan was to stay in Ellsworth..but the hotel prices were through the we had to settle for Bangor. But could you recommend any restaurants in Ellsworth?

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              Two great places for students on a budget are The Riverside Cafe and Sylvia's Diner. Sylvia's has great breakfasts and decent diner-food lunch.

              I've heard ther'es a good Mexican restaurant in Ellsworth but I haven't ever been,

              Jordan's Snack Bar is the good old-fashioned standby .


              Jordan's Snack Bar
              Hancock Rd, Ellsworth, ME 04605

              1. re: chaitali

                These three restaurants are excellent:
                Union River Lobster
                Trenton Bridge Lobster

                112 Main St, Ellsworth, ME 04605

              2. re: jackattack

                There's one really good restaurant in Ellsworth (Cleonice). There are far more in Bangor. Fiddlehead, Luna, Unbridled Bistro, Bahaar Pakistani, Yoshi in Brewer, Massimo, etc. Have you been to Bangor in the past five years, jackattack?

                Bahaar Restaurant
                23 Hammond St, Bangor, ME 04401

              3. Mike's Clam Shack on Rt 1 in Wells had the best fried clams and scallops we've ever had and prices are pretty reasonable. It's a family style place.
                Definitely agree with Waterman's except I keep forgetting it's not in Rockland but near it.

                If fresh blueberries are still available, they are terrific mixed with vanilla yogurt if you want to put together a picnic lunch or breakfast. You might also visit a farmers market. The one on Friday mornings in Brunswick is terrific. You'll have no problem finding some great baked goods. If you got prepared with some picnic gear you could put together your own salads or sandwiches. Very simple: deli turkey meat, sliced fresh tomato, fresh basil leaves, mayo on your fresh baked bread. We also carry bag chairs for our picnic stops.
                Don't miss MDI ice cream. They have a new shop on Extension St in Portland's Old Port area. Walk a little further uphill and there's a small park where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream. Otherwise, I think Bar Harbor is the only other place you can find it.

                Mike's Clam Shack
                RR 1, Wells, ME 04090

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                  We are actually planning of picking up some fresh blueberries and making blueberry margaritas at night :)
                  Unfortunately we'll be there from Sunday to no farmers market for us but thanks for the suggestion!

                2. Oh and does anyone know if Bagaduce Lunch in Bangor is still open?
                  I just checked the street address on google maps and it said it was permanently closed.
                  Has anyone been there recently?

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                  1. re: chaitali

                    Is there 2 Bagaduce Lunches? The only Bagaduce Lunch I've been to is in Brooksville, Me, about 45 minutes south on Rte. 175.