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Aug 16, 2010 08:20 PM

Help! Need First Date Beer/Snack Place Eagle Rockish...

Hello Helpful Hounds,

It has been decreed that I meet someone for the first time over a beer. Hopefully a very good artisan/craftsman/semi to fully schmancy beer. Ideally with acceptable bar food available. One suggestion that I have received outside of chowhound is the Edendale Grill. I'm looking for something closer to Eagle Rock for freeway convenience (for me). The other person is in Highland Park. Price is not a big concern, decent atmosphere for a conversation is. Thank you in advance.

Edendale Grill
2838 Rowena Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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  1. York on York Blvd (imagine that!) sounds like what you're after. Even the location is a good compromise between the communities.

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    1. re: Akitist

      While The York is really great if you want an NYC vibe, I think the outdoor patio at Marty's nearby might be more intimate (in a good way) for a first date. OTOH, if the date's a bust, the vibe at the York might make up for it. Both places have pretty decent food.

      Johnnie's is a trendy bar a couple doors down from the York, but I don't know if they have food.

      The Verdugo Bar has trendy coming out its..., there's certainly a selection of excellent beers, and depending on the day you'll get food trucks galore outside (Canter's for one). Unfortunately the area can be a little dicey for some.

      Camilo's on Colorado has a nice upscale vibe for a date, and while it's not really a bar, it might be another good choice - check with them.

      Colombo's up the street on Colorado is an old-time steakhouse with a separate bar area, and is very reasonable.

      FYI - Oinkster would be the LAST place I'd go on a date. Or for anything else for that matter...

      The Verdugo Bar
      3408 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065

      1. re: Akitist

        Agreed, the York is definitely your best bet for this particular request.

      2. How about the Oinkster?

        2005 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

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        1. re: DrBruin

          Just what I was thinking ... near the 134 but Highland Park-adjacent ... more of a cleaned-up burger stand than a bar vibe, but with five good beers on tap and another dozen by the bottle ...

          Very good (but messy) sandwiches including wonderful house-cured pastrami, pulled pork and burgers.

        2. Eagle Rock Brewery? Not sure of the exact location but if you google it you'll find some info. I like the York. Good beers there. Also, good beers at 55 degree wine bar in Atwater, very close to ER and HP. The cellar is amazing. just try to go early to avoid the crowds though it may not be too bad on a weeknight.

          Eagle Rock Brewery
          3056 Roswell St, Los Angeles, CA 90065

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          1. re: Clyde

            The Eagle Rock Brewery is great, but I don't see it as a first date place, unless your date is a serious beer geek.

            Agree with others about Oinkster. The menu is great but the execution has been in a tailspin for the last few years.

          2. How about beer and a slice of pizza at Brownstone Pizza?