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Aug 16, 2010 07:29 PM

Where can I find really good cans of sardine?

I am wondering where can I find the best sardine in a can in chicago area? My family is originally from Hong Kong and they have a brand call Porthos Sardines on Olive Oil which was excellent but I don't think they sell it in US here even through the brand is from Portugal and have a distriuter is Canada.

From the old thread:

Where can I find some of those and what are some of the chow personal recommendation?

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  1. not Chicago-centric, but here are some more threads in addition to the one you already saw - might have some local tips within, or even more brands to check out:

    and i guess you could order them online if you're willing to pay the shipping from Hong Kong ;

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      I was only able to find king oscar and bumblebee branhd at my local jewel store.

      1. re: Xellosw2099

        You'll definitely want to branch out for sardines if those were the only options at your local Jewel. Jewel is just big. It doesn't mean that it will have what you seek, it just means it's big. I'd suggest Italian, Mexican, or Polish markets. Without knowing what area you are in, I'd suggest these stores that have various locations - although you may have a better option closer to you:
        Tony's Finer Foods
        Carniceria Jimenez
        Shop & Save Market

        All have websites with locations listed.

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          Thanks I will check out those store. I am by the bridgeport area of Chicago, well, ore like Chinatown but I usually go shopping by South Cicero and Niles by Fresh farm.

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            There's a new-issh Shop N Save on Archer just E of Central where a Dominick's used to be. I'd assume there will be a variety of canned sardines. Check your area for Italian mkts also. There is also a Pete's Fresh Market across the street from a Target just south of I 55 on Pulaski (I think) that might be worth a look.

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              I'm surprised they didn't have it at Fresh Farms. I couldn't believe the variety of canned fish there.

              1. re: rubinow

                I recall seeing Roland brand at fresh farm but didn't get it since i only looked at the initial top 30 review. However, I drop by Whole food today and see Roland skinless and boneless sardine for $2.00 and BELA-Olhão lightly smoked sardines in olive oil for 2.39 but no dice for Angelo Parodi. That's really good deal since even King Oscar brand cost 3 buck and it didn't taste so good.

      2. I like the Matiz-Gallego brand. They are Spanish but are caught in waters of Galicia, so for all intents and purposes they are Portuguese sardines. They are sold in a number of places as well as online (Amazon); I usually pick mine up at the Binny's South Loop (Jefferson & Roosevelt).

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          Time to use revive on old thread.

          I finally find the canned Sardine that I can live with. It is the Roland Sarine with chili pepper, which can be find at Fresh Farm and surprisingly H mart, a definite steal at 1.79 per can. Love the fish favor and the spicy hot pepper.

          However, I am still unable to find the Angelo Parodi or Matiz-Gallego and I am happy with my Roland fish... the foodie soul in me wonder how good can Angelo Parodi can get lol.

          Where is Binny's South Loop? Do you mean Binny's Beverage Depot? I check out the Binny's Beverage Depot by assi plaza and they don;t sell canned fish there at all.

          Binny's Beverage Depot
          213 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL

          1. re: Xellosw2099

            Binny's stores vary considerably in size and range of merchandise stocked. Their store directory shows which stores have a cheese shop or gourmet grocery section.


            1. re: Xellosw2099

              Check out Caputo's Italian market on Grand at Harlem Avenue's...fantastic huge ethnic market! Great tuna and sardine selection! Try Gento and Genova brand canned fish in Olive oil. Riviera Foods on Harlem, north of Diversey is a great little gem as well, dirt cheap too! Be sure to pick up some Italian sausage and fine aged cheeses.

              Jerry's Produce on Northwest Highway in Niles is another great ethnic store! I second the recommendation for Tony's, they definitely have a few fine Italian and Spanish sardine and tuna varieties. I will give the Roland variety a try.