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Aug 16, 2010 06:43 PM

Pop! closed down

I don't have a lot of details to share, but I just found out tonight that the nordeast Pop! has shut it's doors. Apparently, the space has already been sold, but no word yet as to who bought it or what will happen to the space. It's sad to see a beloved local restaurant go under so suddenly.

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  1. As reported in today's St Paul paper, the downtown site is also in question.

    1. I am/was on their e-mail list, here is what they say:

      To our community, fans, guests and neighbors.

      POP! Restaurant Minneapolis has been sold. The pending sale means we have closed the restaurant effective immediately. The new owners are bringing in a new concept with renovations and are anticipating a late fall opening.

      We have also decided to temporarily close POP!! in St Paul in hopes of restructuring.

      We would also like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our valued customers!

      1. My fingers are crossed for them. I love their food!