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Aug 16, 2010 06:26 PM


Well, my travel partner has overruled my push to have dinner at Morimoto. Aside from the merits of his stance, I'm now scrambling for a Saturday nite "splurge" dinner to replace Morimoto. Don't need fancy china, glistening cutlery, etc., just original food, good service and a creative wine list. Does Tinto fit the bill? A friend of a friend suggested it, but it looks more casual than what I'm looking for (not that I can't get in there another time in beween South Philly Italian gorging!).


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  1. Is it this Saturday night? Vetri still has a couple of late tables open.

    I like Tinto, it's my favorite of the Garces empire. But, I don't know if it's the same as a Morimoto visit. Tough to find a comparison.

    1. The tasting menus at Tinto and Amada and not quite the same as an omakase, but they are pretty awesome. They have $65 options + wine pairing which is a really great experience. FTR I prefer Amada to Tinto, especially for the tasting menu, but they are both good.

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        Thanks for the tip on the 2 tasting menus, is under strong consideration!

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          i havent been to amada and tinto in a while, both are really good but if i had to chose one i'd pick amada, honestly the last time i was at tinto the food was a lil on the salty side, plus i think bc its smaller its noisier and bc some people go back and forth between there and village whiskey (garces other joint next door). my favorite place to eat is at the open kitchen prep area but that's usually all booked up, but even when i ate at the bar it was worth it bc the bartenders are so friendly. like i said i havent eaten there in a while, so some of my favorite items are no longer (carmelized foie gras) or have been significantly altered (chocolate 5 ways). sometimes in the big center platform they have flamenco dancers too.

      2. Food at Amada and Tinto is great. Tasting with wine pairing will feel like a splurge. Only downside: the setting is not on par with the food in terms of comfort; expect noisy, uncomfortable, and somewhat cramped.

        Tasting at Lacroix?

        1. if you do get a chance to go to morimoto and have the opp to order one thing, i'd get the fatty tuna tartare. just sayin!