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Aug 16, 2010 04:26 PM

Red Velvet........fried chicken?????

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  1. To quote one of the commenters:



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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      To quote myself:


      And dammitall, I *really* wish restaurants would make sure that someone proofreads their menu? It's not "riclette" cheese in their Mac 'n' Cheese, fer Crissakes.

    2. I read the article, and to me it's just gross.I'm not fond of red velvet cake anyway.It has too much red food coloring and upsets my stomach.
      I wonder what meat head comes up with things like deep fried twinkies, pickles,
      and a dish like this? If my late mom had made fried chicken like this daddy probably would have killed her.We had fried chicken growing up, but not an abomination like this thing.

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      1. re: HollyDolly

        I'm in San Diego, and there's a guy who comes up with a new and different "deep fried" something for the county fair every year. Well, at least it's a new offering from his food booth, but maybe not new to the deep fried catalogue of foods. And every year I keep thinking he can't possibly come up with something more outrageous than the year before - yet, he does. I couldn't decide which sounded worse: the deep fried chicken sandwich using custard or jelly-filled Krispy Kremes or the fried butter. Oh, wait, maybe the fried avocado. Let's just hope he doesn't get any brilliant ideas from this article.

      2. Think I'll give that one a pass.