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Aug 16, 2010 04:19 PM


There is a place there where McD's left town - Altamura I think. There bread is quite famous. Looking for chowworthy eats in that area. What are they known for besides the bread (Puglia); I assume fish?

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  1. Puglia is big, where are you planning to go? Otranto has some great restaurants in the historic center.

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      I am not sure where they are going, but know they want to see i trugli and possibly stay in one if they can find out how.

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        you can find fish on menus in altamura and valle d'itria trulli zone, but both places are on a high plateau quite a drive from the sea, so the local cuisine is more land based. there are lots of great durum wheat pastas made by hand and served with simple vegetable based condiments. Capocollo from Martina Franca, fava pure, caciocavallo cheese, grilled and roasted lambs are other local specialties.

        staying in a trulli is easy to arrange. try contacting Trullidea (

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          in Puglia we take the concept of "local" food very if you go to the Trulli area (Alberobello, Locorotondo, Martina Franca, which are all in the Valle d'Itria or Itria Valley) you eat all the land based dishes, as Katieparla is saying.
          If you prefer some seafood, just move 10 miles away and go to sea places such as Polignano a Mare or a bit farther, Torre a Mare (my favorite for fish!) and you will be able to eat the freshest seafood (no meat there!)....
          In general in Puglia, best things to try are: all pasta dishes (we make pasta without eggs), all vegetables, breads and focaccia, different cheese (mozzarella, burrata, scamorza, caciocavallo).....and raw fish if you like it......

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        CLS: Since I am headed for Otranto, I would appreciate any and all information you can provide about eating in that town..I had read that it was not a great eating town....many thanks!

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          Try L'altro Baffo for dinner. Walk by castle then to the sea after for coffee.
          I had a lunch I think at Profumo di Mare, it's at the base of a hill on the edge of the historic center on the North end. Outdoor seating.
          Best of luck, it's a lazy little place but there's some good stuff.

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            Thanks. L'Altro Baffo looks a bit precious for that area and for my tastes, but if it is open on Monday......


            The family's original place (??) might also be worth a look:


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            Masseria Gattamora is an agritourismo very near (15 min?) Otranto, outside Uggiano di Chiesa. Excellent restaurant, nice place to stay as well. Owners are terrifically helpful as well.

        2. I think they will be doing a couple of places that are close by, Alberobello and Altamura (foodies).

          1. Wine suggestion. The Cantine di Botromagno in nearby Gravina di Puglia makes an excellent line--from the basic white Gravina to a delicious red, Pier delle Vigne and a fine dessert malvasia, Gravisano. Try them in the region. The Cantine Sociale di Locorotondo makes dependable whites, too.