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Aug 16, 2010 04:15 PM

Salt pork!

So while making my awesome chili recipe I decided to go with a small piece of salt pork this time, and it's making the dish TOO salty! Is there anything I can do for it? Maybe add a bit of flour or something to soak up some of the saltiness?

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    1. re: your_outreach

      I'm trying a tablespoon of brown sugar and a potato now. I've been finding several ideas online, including honey, olive oil, potatos, heavy cream, and "more-of-everything-else".

      I'll see how the brown sugar and potato works, then maybe add some honey if I really need to. It's a black bean & pork spicy chili, so honey might give it an interesting hint of flavor.

    2. i bet you'd get more info if you posted this in the home cooking board instead.

      1. The only way is to dilute it with more of what you already are using in the chili. The myth of potatoes or starches specially soaking up salt (they soak up everything liquid in proportion) is a myth.

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        1. re: Karl S

          Correct, once you have over salted there is no real way to remedy it.