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Aug 16, 2010 03:35 PM

Friendly Toast Cambridge and Portsmouth

I've been hearing that the Toast is having some issues and is about to close. Stopped in today for breakfast, and asked what was going on. Our waiter said that the Cambridge location is doing very well and there was a sign up on an easel that the Toast/Cambridge got Best of Boston- didn't have time to read the whole thinkg.

I'm happy to say that the food was as good as ever! Has anyone heard anything?

The Friendly Toast
121 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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  1. They had gotten some interesting local press this past year (Portsmouth Herald) which you can find online. I've heard both locations are doing fine, but the one in Portsmouth recently lost a key player in their kitchen. I wouldn't be surprised if they focused more on the Cambridge place and scuttled the Portsmouth one (but this is pure speculation on my behalf).

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      1. Went to the Friendly Toast last Sunday 11/28/2010, it was all-around great, good service, great food. There was a five-minute wait to get seated. It seemed very much the same as it had over the years. I have been a follower since they started in Dover, moved to Kittery, then settled in Portsmouth - where I've enjoyed every meal. I can't say that for most restaurants!

        The Friendly Toast
        121 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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          Have you ever had issues with the service?