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Aug 16, 2010 03:11 PM

Best base for food/drink on Amalfi Coast?

Traveling for the first time to Italy. Will be on the Amalfi Coast for 7 days (honeymoon). Not sure if we should stay in Positano or Amalfi and am wondering which is the best base. Amalfi seems larger so might be more fun to explore during the day -- we'll have our list of restaurants but it's also fun to wander the streets and discover a new spot for lunch. Positano seems like it might be too small for that.

Any thoughts welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Hey caraely- did you end up deciding on amalfi or positano for your base? I'm also doing a week or so on the amalfi coast for my honeymoon and I'm scouring the boards for the best recs for food and possibly stay.


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      Generalization, but here goes: Think of Positano as a resort town and Amalfi more of a "real" town where people also come to vacation. Neither of them are large by any stretch..Positano has about 4,000 pop and Amalfi has about 5,000.

      You should tell us what kind of food you are seeking--do you want "romantic" places, or down-home places?

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        New poster- I'm looking for down-home places in this area. Can you help?

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          It's been a few years since I was last on the Amalfi but my favourite town for eating and staying is Praiano, about halfway between Amalfi and Positano. In particular there is a waterfront restaurant by the name of Trattoria Da Armandino. This sits litterally amongst the fishing boats and close to a few other restaurants, but don't be fooled they are not all as good as Trattoria Da Armandino. Pasta con Cozze was one of the best mussel pastas I've ever had the pleasure of eating.

          There is also a more touristy place just up from Armandino's call Il Pirata. The food here was always good and had many locals and visiting Italians, but it was the service that stood out for me. Always very hospitable, even with a gaggle of foreign visitors who spoke little to no Italian.

          There was also a place in Ravello we ate before an outdoor concert in the gardens, trying to remember the name and if I do I'll come back. But I highly recommend Ravello for a visit and dinner, beautiful town up above all the Amalfi madness and there was a good selection of restaurants... the one I'm thinking of is also a hotel and has it's own organic gardens for the restaurant, darn why can't I remember!

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            I was in Praiano for 2 weeks this past April and just loved it. We really fell in love with the wood fired pizzas at LaBrace. In Amalfi we had two great experiences at Pizzeria da Maria. The spirit of generosity there was amazing. On our first visit they gave us a little bottle of Limoncello to take with us. The second time that we went they greeted us like family, and treated us to limoncello after lunch. Fabulous wood fired pizza, and really nice salads.

            Just outside of Positano we had a wonderful meal at La Taverna del Leone. We went for dinner and shared an amazing antipasto and some terrific pasta dishes, sorry that I don't remember details, but everything there was great. The waiter even offered to give us a ride home if we missed the last bus.

            You will love the area, the people are so warm and welcoming.