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Aug 16, 2010 03:01 PM

Creamy Make Ahead Mac n' Cheese?

I'm throwing a party this weekend, and would like to make a big batch of macaroni and cheese (we are having BBQ) the night before, so I can throw it in the oven when guests arrive. I've never made it ahead of time before, but from my reheating experience the macaroni absorbs the sauce and gets dry. Obviously I don't want this to happen.

Any tips on keeping make-ahead mac n' cheese creamy?


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  1. Saw the recipe on Christopher Kimball cooking program. Also, googled it and found the recipe.

    1. You could just make a bechamel sauce store it overnight, separate from the cooked pasta. Then toss it together quickly and bake. It's not that much quicker to do it the night before anyway. Another option is to keep back some of the bechamel and adding it to the already sauced pasta just before baking.

      I also like adding sausage and/or bacon, but that's not necessary. I would also use breadcrumbs to top a wonderful textural difference from the pasta. :-)

      1. This is not a fancy recipe... it involves Velveeta... but even as a very healthy cook with vegan friends, I'll say this is easily one of the best Mac-N-Cheese recipes ever and all my friends ask for it all the time. It is so smooth and creamy. You can make it a day or two before and just stick it in the oven when it is time (let it come at least partially to room temp first). Don't be afraid to add the spice!

        “White trash’ Mac – n - Cheese

        Boil and drain 1 lb. package of large elbow macaroni

        In separate pot, combine over med-low heat:

        2 sticks of butter
        1 can of Pet Milk
        1 pkg. of sharp grated cheese (save 1/3)
        1 large block of Velveeta (it melts faster if cut into large cubes)

        As it melts, add to taste:

        Black pepper
        Worstershire (3 or 4 good shakes at least)
        Tabasco (don’t be shy)


        When melting, melt butter with pet milk first, then add the cheese. Be careful: it is easy to burn the bottom, so be sure to stir frequently.

        You want to add LOTS of salt and black pepper, and don’t be afraid to add a healthy amount of Tobasco and Worstershire.

        When the pasta is done, drain and add to the sauce. Mix well.

        Pour into a casserole dish (or just leave it in the pot if oven proof.) Sprinkle remaining cheddar on top.

        Bake on 350 for 30 minutes.